NoJoinMessage 2.3

Remove join and leave message ! Add vip message !

  1. lucluc_52
    If you see errors, report them please!

    ==== What is NoJoinMessage? ====
    NoJoinMessage delete the join and quit message! It's very simple! Just drop the plugin in your plugin's folder and reload your server! Join and quit message no longer appear!

    ==== Commands: ====
    • /njm: List of commands
    • /njm reload: Reload the config
    ==== Permissions: ====
    • : Player have join and leave messages (customizable in the config.yml!)
    • njm.staff : Player have other join and leave messages (customizable in the config.yml!)
    • njm.reload : Allow player to /njm reload command
    • : Allow player to see the list of command with /njm
    • njm.* : All permissions (For reload and list of command)
    ==== Features! ====
    • Config file! (Custom message) (✔)
    • Add reload command! (✔)
    • Add VIP join/leave message (✔)
    • Add Staff join/leave message (✔)
    • Add fake join/leave command (tell me in PM if you wan't this)
    If you have ideas, PM me!

    Sorry for my bad english

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  1. Staff message!