NoJoinSpam 2015-03-17

Lightweighted anti login/out spam plugin with a nice json touch to it!

  1. KingBulleN
    Super lightweighted plugin that will stop the login and out spamming in the chat!
    Keep the chat nice and clean using this plugin.

    - Disables the default login message
    - Sums up the login and logout activity for a set amount of seconds of your choise
    - Sweet looking JSON. Hover and see the name of the players who has joined/left
    - Disable the message and dont show any login/logout messages what so ever

    Commands (ALIAS: NoJoinSpam/NJS):
    - NJS mute : Mutes the global automessager. The ability to use the private command is still there!

    - NJS Force : Forces to execute the repeater message. Will also reset the login counter. (GLOBAL)
    - NJS [Last] : Send private message with the last NJS Message.
    - NJS Help : Shows you the commands!
    - NJS setdelay <seconds> : Set the delay between the messages(Needs a reload for the changes to take effect!)
    - NJS reload : Reload the plugins config(Will NOT refresh the delay timer)

    njs.admin : Gives you to use the above commands. Player without this permission can only do /njs and that will show them the /njs last command!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Trenz001
    Version: 2015-03-17
    Would be good if a player has a permission like njs.join or njs.leave then whenever he leaves or join there will be a join and leave messages only for those ppl who the have the permission
    1. KingBulleN
      Author's Response
      Like the idea, but how about the other way around, players who has the permission gets logged in silently (Can be good for some server owners who gets totally spammed when they join etc)