noKnockback [1.9] 1.3.0

Removes vanilla knockback from players. Works with Crackshot and Worldguard!

  1. SolarShrieking
    Knockback removes Vanilla knockback from players!

    Designed to help balance out guns of different fire rates in Crackshot plugins, Knockback allows players to take damage, get shot, etc without getting pushed back. This becomes most noticeable with SMG-like weapons that would normally send players flying.

    Knockback respects Worldguard flags, which means when the region says No PVP, you can't PVP! [As intended by the flag]

    If you have need support or have an issue, the main place to go would be github. I will also respond to comments on this page, though.

    If you would like to donate a small sum for this plugin, it would be much appreciated.


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