NOPE AntiCheat [Beta] 1.8 [BETA] 0.4.2

[BETA] Download at your own risk

  1. Mitigated 1.9 false flags

    NOPE should now take into consideration the server version with flags. This does not mean NOPE is 1.9+ compatible.
  2. Updated and improved GUIs // Added ban statistics

  3. Added GUIs

    Added GUIs. use /ac stats to enable/disable checks and view information for each check
  4. Fixed scoreboard issues

    Fixed scoreboard bugs (hopefully everything should work properly now?)
    Added offline player support for most commands
  5. Added bungeecord support

    added bungeecord support

    may be finicky (especially the scoreboard)

    report bugs at github thx
  6. Fixed config issue

    Added line in help messages
  7. Added Pastebin support // More Permissions

    • Added pastebin support (reset your config)

    • Added permissions
      • anticheat.command.[command]
      • anticheat.command.toggle.[setting]
      • anticheat.command.banwave.addplayer
      • anticheat.scoreboard
  8. Added scoreboard

    added a pretty nifty scoreboard

    toggle it with /ac toggle scoreboard (this is only for yourself, no perms atm)
  9. Added lots o' stuff as usual

    removed xray because it was being bad
    added antikb, zoot

    fixed lots of bugs, issues, etc.etc.

    someone pay me $1,000,000,000 kthxbye
  10. Added a crap ton of stuff

    • Added ChestStealer check (this took forever)

    • Added KillAura5 check (uses packets)
    • Added NoSwing check
    • Added Packet listener
    • Implemented TinyProtocol (a true blessing)
    • Added SkinBlinker
    • Blocked ServerCrasher hacks
    • (oh yeah and logs)