NOPE AntiCheat 1.7.3

An all-in-one solution for your Minecraft Server

  1. 1.16 Exclusive Support, False Positives Patched

    Changelog (v1.7.3 7/10/20)
    • Officially removed 1.15.X support.
    • Fixed numerous severe false positives with levitation.
    • Fixed multiple false positives with fastbreak and 1.16+ blocks.
    • Fixed a few false positives related with lag.
    • Actually removed the GUI.
    • Added more description to the false report message.
    • Added support for 1.16 blocks.
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  2. Soul Speed Patched

    Changelog (v1.7.2 6/30/20)
    • Fixed numerous false positives related to soul speed.
    • Added more information that is sent when a false report is sent.
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  3. Easier way of report false positives

    Changelog (v1.7.1 6/30/20)
    • Added a /nope false <player> <info> command.
      • This will allow server administrators to report false positives easily, it sends a webhook message to me and allows me to view a log file related to the player's VL offenses.
    • Fixed a bug with VLDecrementer.
    • Removed GUI due to it being buggy.
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  4. 1.7 - 1.16.1 Compatibility

    Changelog (v1.7 6/28/20)
    • Added 1.16.1 compatibility, this hasn't been too extensively tested so please report any bugs on the GitHub.
    • Fixed a few false flags related to ladders/vines.
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  5. Crash and Misc Fixes

    Changelog (v1.6.3 6/19/20)
    • Fixed a common crash that involved KillAura.
    • Fixed numerous positives relating to Shulkers.
      • Spider
      • KillAura
      • Glide
      • Flight 5+6
    • Fixed a few false positives with boats.
    • Set dev mode to false in the config/code.
    • Updated CrazyEnchants repo.
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  6. Scoreboard Fixes, Placeholders, and more

    Changelog (v1.6.2)
    • Fixed a very spammy message with KillAura.
    • Reverted how scoreboards work, this might break some scoreboard plugins.
    • Added PAPI placeholders, you can see these on the GitHub.
    • Patched a Speed#3 false flag with ice.
    • Patched a NoFall false flag.
    • Added further configurability to actions, allowing you to specify debug-level actions.
  7. Report / Trust System

    Changelog (v1.6.1 6/12/20)
    • Added a report system (/nope report [Player] [Reason]) with the permissions being and nope.message.reports.
      • NOPE currently only notifies staff of reports. It may be used in the future to better identify cheaters.
    • Fixed issues relating to the scoreboard.
    • Fixed a severe false flag relating to axes.
    • Revised messages, please reset your lang file to update all messages.
    • Fixed severe false flag...
  8. Released new version to actually update jar

    Changelog (v1.6.0.1 6/9/20)
    • Fixed an issue with the Lookup command. Spigot requires this to be uploaded as a new version.
  9. Fixed NPE again

    Re-exported project to ensure NPE is resolved
  10. Fix Lookup NPE

    Fixed a NullPointerException that occured when the plugin was first enabled without a logs folder.