NoPl 0.2

Fake Plugin

  1. HardKill24
    Hello everyone,
    Today, I upload my second Skript:

    When you type:
    • /pl
    • /plugins
    • /bukkit: pl *
    • /bukkit: plugins *

    *There is no space between : and plugins | : and pl

    The skript change they reals plugin by an other sentence.
    By default it's: &fPlugins (1): &a<Server Name> V 1.0


    No need permissions

    Put the file into /plugins/Skript/scripts

    In the chat:
    Type: /sk reload all

    For test just type /pl | /plugins | /bukkit: pl or /bukkit: plugins on your server

    Test Server:
    [Premium | 1.8.8]

    Post your problems and your ideas into the discussion

    If you have an idea for a Skript add me on Skype: hardkill24

    I hope you'll enjoy my ressource !

    ^.^ *I'm French* ^.^


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  1. minefaste
    Version: 0.2
    This script was copy !!!
    You not copy the work of auther membres !
    It's not your script !!
    Ok ?????????
    1. HardKill24
      Author's Response
      Please don't spam my scripts especially if it is to say that these are copies , while not,
  2. S0ul3at3r2
    Version: 0.2
    For a Skript is horrible done. Why don't use the "options" feature, or yaml files? Also there are other commands that reveals the plugins, like "/?" or "/bukkit:?" .
  3. Rezz
    Version: 2015-10-15
    This could be done much more efficiently, such as using an 'on command' event instead of re-registering commands that already exist.

    The comments on lines 1 & 7 error when the script is loaded, just add an extra # to the end of each line so it gets parsed as a comment.

    You might also want to consider using script options instead of having users directly edit the text of each command. It's better to edit once than to edit multiple of the same thing.
    1. HardKill24
      Author's Response
      Fixed they #