NoPlugins 7.3.2

With this plugin! No players can see your plugins, without permission.

  1. Xanium
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Well.. It has happened!
    40.000 downloads is blowing my mind off for this kind of plugin!

    Thank you for using my plugin!

    1. Notice.jpg
    NoPlugins will now only support 1.13.x and newer versions forward, if you still want to use an older minecraft version, download version 6.9.1!

    This plugin does block these commands by default:
    Code (Text):
    - /?
    - /bukkit
    - /bukkit:about <tab>
    - /bukkit:ver <tab>
    - /bukkit:version <tab>
    - /bukkit:? <tab>
    - /bukkit:pl
    - /bukkit:plugins
    - /plugins
    - /pl
    - /about <tab>
    - /version <tab>
    - /ver <tab>
    - /icanhasbukkit
    2. Installation.jpg
    1. Download the plugin.
    2. (Version 6.9.1 and older) Download protocollib, if you want tab blocker to work:
    3. Find it in your downloads folder.
    4. Put it in your plugins folder for your server.
    5. Start your server (or restart).
    6. Edit the config file if you want to.
    7. Done.

    4. permissions.jpg
    Code (Text):
    - noplugin.bypass- Allows you to see the plugins.
    - noplugin.updates - If present, it displays update notification if enabled.
    - noplugin.command.pluginsmenu - Permission for /pluginmenu
    - noplugin.reload - Permission for /npreload
    Code (Text):
    - noplugin.seeplugins - Allows you to see the plugins.
    - noplugin.bypass.tabblocker - Bypasses the tab blocker.
    - noplugin.command.noplugins - Permission for /noplugins
    - noplugin.updates - If present, it displays update notification if enabled.
    - noplugin.command.pluginsmenu - Permission for /pluginmenu

    3. Commands.jpg
    /pluginmenu - Lists all plugins in a gui.
    /npreload - Reload the config.

    5. Problems.jpg
    If you have a problem with the plugin post the error and issue in the discussion thread with the Code font etc.
    Do not leave a bad review if you have a problem.

    6. CopyRight.jpg
    * Copyright Xanium Development (c) 2013-2020. All Rights Reserved.
    * Any code contained within this document, and any associated APIs with similar branding
    * are the sole property of Xanium Development. Distribution, reproduction, taking snippets or claiming
    * any contents as your own will break the terms of the license, and void any agreements with you, the third party.
    * Thank you.

    Bugs should be reported to me through PM and not in the review section.

    7. Statistics.jpg
    This plugin has bStats support coded in. It is sending out basic information to bStats website. You can of course decide if you would to opt out or not. You'll find that in bStats folder located in your plugins folder.

    8. Videos.jpg
    I really need to make a new one.

    Please leave a review of the plugin, and do not use it as a bug report section.

Recent Updates

  1. 1.16.2 support!
  2. Tiny fix from 7.3
  3. Config & Feature Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Kenny1998cr
    Version: 7.3.1
    This plugin does its job. Easy and funtional plugin. Thanks a lot for this plugin, complety recommended.
  2. Tetsuyia
    Version: 7.3
    Excellent plugins, it does what it was created for unlike other plugins of the same kind more updated that no longer works
  3. shadowgm
    Version: 7.3
    Please, can you add blocking autocomplete / + Tab (with bypass perm)? Thanks for awesome plugin
    1. Xanium
      Author's Response
      This already exists? Thank you for the review!
  4. Crayonbox
    Version: 7.2
    Excellent plugin! Easy install. Easy config. Does exactly what I need it to do with very little setup.
  5. Adiber
    Version: 7.2
    The default settings work, but everytime your plugin enables, it replaces the config again. I stopped the Server, changed the config, started the Server again -> and config AGAIN back to the roots. Fix it, then I give you 4 or 5 stars.
  6. antoniagamer777
    Version: 7.2
    very good plugin, works very well and fulfills what it promises, very good to hide, I recommend it
  7. NicholasHogan
    Version: 7.2
    This plugin does exactly as it is supposed to do, blocks the plugins from being viewed. I love the way the plugins menu looks, it gives all the information you need in one GUI. Keep up the awesome work!!

    Nicholas Hogan
  8. SharpGamer
    Version: 7.1
    Works almost perfectly. Enough for me to give it 5 stars.
    The Bypass permission does not work for me.
    Using: LuckPerms
  9. Warak
    Version: 7.1
    He knows what plugin people wants to. this is very simple but you know, most server operators wants to hide the information.
  10. vackaming
    Version: 7.1
    It still show the / <tab> commands. Even with new version i tried with protocollib and without it too but still not working it still shows the / <tab> commands, other commands like /pl are ok.