NoPlugins 7.3.1

With this plugin! No players can see your plugins, without permission.

  1. Tiny fix from 7.3

    Fixed the missing message that appear when a command listed in "removed-commands:" section is missing its message in "messages:" or "list-messages:" section.

    If you want to debug why you don't get the message you want from a removed command, enable debug in the config and reload :)
  2. Config & Feature Update

    This update contains the following features:
    1. A list to block commands from plugins. (Read config)
    2. More Efficient command blocking
    3. Debug messages that actually makes sense
    4. A reload config command
    5. 1.16 support
    The config has been redone completely this means that you need to backup your old config and let the plugin regenerate a new config and you should...
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  3. 1.15 Support Update

    The title says it all.
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  4. 1.14 support update!

    The title pretty much explains it all. If there are any issues PM me :)
  5. Huge 1.13 Update!

    This version only supports 1.13.x! If you still are using older versions you must use the version 6.9.1!

    What has been done:

    • The plugin no longer needs protocollib to use tab blocker!
    • Added a console only command section!
    • 1.13 support ofc xD
    • Removed the noplugins command as of it is useless.
    • Bypass permission has changed to noplugin.bypass
    • New...
  6. Major fix IF you're using PaperSpigot

    Fixed an issue where it would print an error message instead of the blocked command message when using paper.
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  7. Small feature update

    • A setting to block the help command, this is by default disabled. If you are to block the help command, remember to add it to the tab blocker list!
    • A bypass for showing plugins.
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  8. Major Bug fix Update

    What's been fixed:
    • /bukkit: pl
    • /bukkit:about
    • /bukkit: plugins
    • /bukkit:?
    • /bukkit:version
    • /bukkit:ver

      All of the listed commands above is not blocked in update 6.6 and 6.7!

    You must update now to keep your plugins private!

    What's been added:
    • Metrics! I am curious over how many actually uses this plugin.
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  9. Tiny update

    This update mostly is a fix for some users receiving lag when they join, becuase of the updater i've added. Now this should never be a problem again.
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  10. Experimental Update

    Hey, I am experimenting with different methods of checking if the command matches whats listed in custom commands or hardcoded into the plugin. So this update is purely to test if the plugin no longer blocks any word starting with "/pl". It should only block "/pl" and not "/plot or /plugman".

    Please leave me feedback about this! Pm or post in the discussion thread.
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