NoRain 1.1

Want a way to prevent rain in your world? here is it! :D

  1. essem
    • Ingame Configurable
    • Lightweighted
    • Preventing Rain from start
    • Notify Admins/Broadcast it in the world
    • Option to set a world to always rain
    if you only want to prevent rain in all worlds please use NoRainLite

    • norain.command - Permission, needed to use the /norain command
    • norain.notify - All Players with this permission will be notifyed if rain was prevented.
    • /NoRain - Help
    • /NoRain Reload - Reload the plugin
    • /NoRain enablenotify - Ensable the Notifymessages globally
    • /NoRain disablenotify - Disable the Notifymessages globally
    • /NoRain enablebroadcast - Enable the Broadcast-messages globally
    • /NoRain disablebroadcast - Disable the Broadcast-messages globally
    • /NoRain addworld <world> - Adds a world to active worlds
    • /NoRain removeworld <world> - Remove a world from active worlds
    • /NoRain addworld <world:true/false> - Adds world to always-rainy worlds
    • /NoRain removeworld <world:true/false> - Removes world from always-rainy worlds

    Code (Text):
    - world
    - world_the_end
    - world_nether
    - example
    - example2:true
    - example3:false
    notifyadmins: false
    notifyadmins_message: '&6%name%, the Rain was prevented in world %world%.'
    broadcast: false
    broadcast_message: '&6%displayname%, the Rain was prevented in world %world%.'
    nopermission: '&cYou don''t have Permission to perform this Command.'

    • Report me bugs so i can fix it :)
    • Feel free to tell me your ideas :D
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Recent Updates

  1. Always Rainy Update!