NoSpawnerChange 2.1

Disable mob spawner changing with monster egg and remove already changed spawners.

  1. Minecraft 1.15

    This is a friendly announcement that we have tested the plugin on Minecraft 1.15.x and we confirm that all features work as intended without an updated needed.
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  2. 2.1

    • Fix | Solved a case where the spawner could be changed while holding the egg in the off hand and having certain items in the right one.
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  3. 2.0

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    • Fix...
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  4. 1.9

    • Improve | Native compatibility with Minecraft 1.13
  5. 1.8

    • Improve | Updated for Minecraft 1.13
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  6. 1.7

    • Fix | Solved a null pointer exception in those cases when the spawner is invalid.
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  7. 1.6

    • Improve | Changing spawners is now also blocked from the off hand. Thanks to @det483 for contribution.
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  8. 1.5

    • [Fix] Resolved 'Injected ignore metadata' messages sometimes appearing even when not placing spawner.
  9. 1.4

    • [Fix] Resolved NPEs when spawner is checked for having metadata to be ignored.
  10. 1.3

    • [Improve] Message about spawner being ignored due to metadata can now be hidden with the 'verbose' option in config.
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