NoSwearPlus 8.2.3

Awesomo plugin for chat control

  1. ChikenGamer

    Old versions
    - Video by me (Spanish)

    - Video by Absintoj (Portuguese)

    - Video by VarationVault (English)
    Code (Text):
    #These are all prefixes
        Prefix: '&3&l[&2&lNoSwear&3&l]'
        Kick_prefix: '&3&l[&2&lNoSwear&3&l]'
        Prefix_kill: '&3&l[&2&lNoSwear&3&l]'
    #These are the messages when a player is banned
        By: '&5&lBy: '
        Ban_Prefix: '&3&l[&2&lNoSwearBan&3&l]'
        Reason: '&5&lReason: '
        Ban_reason: '&4&lYou can not use that kind of language '
        Appeal: '&5&lAppeal: '
        Ban_appeals: '&e&lYou can appeal in &f&l'
    #Ban when a player is banned for /nsw
            First_Line: '&4&lYou can not use that kind of language'
            Alert: '&3&lAlert #1'
            First_Line: '&4&lYou were kicked because your:'
            Second_Line: '&6&lYou can not use that kind of language'
            Third_Line: '&f&lA more alert and you will be banned for &3&l%time% &f&lticks'
            Fourth_Line: '&3&lAlert #2'
            First_Line: '&4&lYou were kicked and banned because your:'
            Second_Line: '&6&lYou can not use that kind of language'
            Third_Line: '&f&lYou will be banned for &3&l%time% &f&lticks'
            Fourth_Line: '&3&lAlert #3'
        Time: 200
        Time: 10
    #These are the all messages
        Message_kick: '&4&lYou can not use that kind of language'
        Message_explosion: '&e&lBoooom!!'
        Message_swear: '&4&lYou can not use that kind of language'
        Reload_message: '&4&lConfig reloaded!'
        No_permission: '&4&lYou do not have permission to use this super plugin!'
        New_message: I am a noob!
        Message_sign: '&4&lYou can not use that kind of language in a sign'
    #These are the booleans, true/false
    Replace_message: false
    Swear_explosion: false
    Swear_kick: false
    Swear_ban: false
    Swear_sign: false
    Mute_Chat: false
    Chat_Delay: false
    Chat_Spam: false
    Chat_lowercase: false
    #These are the words in the black list
        - Op
        - fuck
        - Shit
        - idiot
        - butt
        - jerk
        - vagina
        - dick
        - bitch
        - motherfucker
        - dyke
        - silly
        - ass
        - bastard
        - pussy
        - suck
        - chink
        - nigga
        - fucku
        - shet
        - hijodeputa
        - imbesil
        - idiota
        - boludo
        - huevon
        - pelotudo
        - pendejo
        - sisi
        - mierda
        - f.u.c.k
        - endejo
        - tonto
        - melapelas
        - jodete
        - ijoeputa
        - hijoeputa
        - hermana
        - pene
        - puto
        - chupamela
        - niga
        - negro
        - madre
    #Players with alerts    
    Code (Text):
      •   nsr/nsreload (Reload the config file)
      •   ns/noswearplus/nsp/noswear/noswearp (Show information about the plugin)
      •   nsa/nsadd (Add words to the list)
      •   nsw/nswarn (Send warn to the player, 3 warns and ban for some time)
      •   nsal/nsalerts (View the alerts that you have)
      •   nsalr/nsalertremove (Remove alert from a player)
      •   nscon (Turn on chat)
      •   nscoff (Turn off chat)
      •   nscc/nscclear (Clean chat)
      •   nsm/nsmute (Mute a player)
      •   nsum/nsunmute (UnMute a Player)
      •   nsre/nsremove (Remove words from the list)
      •   nsclc/nscuc (Chat in Uppercase or Lowercase)

    [+] = In the next Version - En la siguiente versión

    Con este plugin evitaras que los jugadores de tu servidor usen un lenguaje inapropiado tanto en el chat como en los carterles, cuanta con bastantes opciones las cuales hacen a este plugin unico, tambien tienes la posibilidad de mutear jugadores, limpiar el chat, mutear el chat global y un sin fin de cosas mas.

    • Palabras configurables.
    • Mensajes 100% configurables.
    • Permisos.
    • Impide cuantas palabras como quieras!
    • Sistema de kick (Opcional).
    • Sistema de ban (Opcional).
    • Sistema de kick en los letreros (Opcional).
    • Sistema de Warns (Por comando) .
    • Chat Coloreado para mensajes.
    • Comados para recargar la config.
    • Sistema de detección de carteles/letreros.
    • Explosión opcional al decir una palabra de la lista.
    • Semi-auto actualización.
    • Sistema para mutear el chat general o de un jugador
    • Sistema para limpiar el chat
    • Sistema para ver tus alertas

    • Descarga NoSwear.
    • Coloca el archivo .JAR en la carpeta de tus plugins.
    • Reinicia/Recarga tu servidor, Bien!.
    • Lo has logrado! Facil y sencillo.

    》Cosas por hacer
    • ✔ Sensor de letreros.
    • ✔ Sistema para matar (Opcional).
    • ✔ Sistema para banear (Opcional).
    • ✔ Comando para recargar la configuracion.
    • ✔ Comando para añadir las palabras al archivo de configuracion.
    • ✔ Hacer un video tutorial.
    • ✔ Actualizacion semi-automatica.
    • ✔ Comando para Auto actualización.
    • ✔ Nueva opcion 3 alertas y el jugador es baneado.
    • ✔ Poder editar los mensajes en el comando /nsw.
    • ✔ Comando para ver tus alertas
    • ✔ Opción para mutear jugadores
    • ✔ Opción para limpiar el chat
    • ✔ Opción para apagar/encender el chat
    • ✔ Mejorar la pagina del Plugin.
    • ✔ Ver jugadores muteados.
    • ✔ Opción para ver las alertas de los demas jugadores.
    • ✔ Opción de chat solo para los jugadores con el permiso.
    • ✔ Sistema anti-spam.
    • ✔ Resolver problemas con el plugin.
    • ✘ Posibilidad de editar todos los textos.
    • ✘ Crear un video del plugin.
    • ✘ Sistema de quejas.
    • ✘ Mutear jugadores por tiempo.
    • ✘ Añadir MySQL.
    • ✘ Nada?.


    With this plugin prevent players from your server to use inappropriate language in both the chat and the carterles, whatever with many options which make this unique plugin, you also have the ability to mute players, clean chat, mute the chat comprehensive and countless other things.

    • Configurable words.
    • Cofigurable Messages 100%.
    • Permissions.
    • Ban as many words as you want!.
    • Kick system (Optional).
    • Ban system (Optional).
    • Kick system in signs (Optional).
    • Warn system (For commands) .
    • Colored chat messages for kick messages and swearing words.
    • Commands to reload the config file.
    • Detection system posters/signs.
    • Optional explosion on swearing.
    • Semi-automatic upgrade.
    • System to off general chat or a player
    • System to clean the chat
    • System to see your alerts

    • Download NoSwear.
    • Place the .JAR file in your plugins folder.
    • Restart/Reload your server, Done.
    • That is it! Quick and easy.


    • ✔ Sign Censoring.
    • ✔ Killing system (Optional).
    • ✔ Ban system (Optional).
    • ✔ Command to reload the config file.
    • ✔ Command to add words to the config file.
    • ✔ Make a video tutorial.
    • ✔ Semi-automatic upgrade.
    • ✔ Command to auto upgrade.
    • ✔ New option, 3 alerts and player is banned.
    • ✔ Command to see your alerts
    • ✔ Option to mute a players
    • ✔ Option to clean the chat
    • ✔ Option to turn on/off the chat
    • ✔ Improving the Plugin page.
    • ✔ Option to view alerts to other players.
    • ✔ Option to chat only for VIPS.
    • ✔ System Spam filter.
    • ✔ Solve problems with the plugin.
    • ✘ Possibility to edit all texts.
    • ✘ Create a video plugin.
    • ✘ Grievance System.
    • ✘ Add MySQL.
    • ✘ Nothing?.


    • Si tu tienes una idea o duda, comentala abajo.
    • If you have an idea or question, comments below.

    Terms and conditions

    - You may not Decompile and or modify the source of this plugin without my permission
    - You are allowed to use this plugin on unlimited server/networks of YOUR property.
    - Don't leave bad reviews without sending me a PM about the problem!
    - You may not claim this as your own work.
    - You may not resell this plugin for money.
    - No refunds.