Not So Hardcore [NSHC] 2014-12-07

The Not So Hardcore Mini-Game.

  1. Wintergrasped
    Not So Hard Core:

    History: Not So Hard Core is a result of a group of a friends and I doing a "Hardcore" playthrough but for some reason even tho the server was set to "Hardcore" we could still respawn so we made up rules for deaths to add difficulty in the game for us.

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    Description: In Not So Hard Core the base game is to survive. There is a maximum of 25 player per game with 5 teams of 5 players. Every 5 minutes there's a chance to trigger a random event.

    Random Events:
    The Following Random Events Can Be Triggerd

    WWA: Sets all Players Hunter to 1/2 bar and health to 1/2 heart

    Skeletal Army: Spawns 10-15 Skeletos with in 5-10 cube radius of all players

    Zombie Apocalypse: Spawns 10 - 15 Zombies with in a 5-10 cube radius of all players

    When a player dies it creates a grave on the ground where they died and other players in the game can not see them. To Be Revived one of that players team mates must sacrifice a valuable material to Revive that player That Material requires a more and more valuable material each death.

    Revive Material:
    The Material to Revive players are as following.

    Orderd in deaths. Material
    1. Iron Ingot
    2. Gold Ingot
    3. Diamond
    4. Emerald
    5. Iron Block
    6. Gold Block
    7. Diamond Block
    8. Emerald Block
    9. Bedrock (Used as a Donor Item)

    /revive - Donor perm to revive aplayer without going to their grave

    /team - Donor perm to switch teams

    Source: The Source Can Be Found HERE!