NotDuels 1.1.0

Duels plugin with arenas, different types, stats, and more!

  1. notjacob1
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    Permissions: - /arenatp
    notduels.arena.list - /darenas
    notduels.arena.create - /setarena
    notduels.arena.delete - /rmarena

    notduels.arena.setspawn - /setspawn

    notduels.type.list - /dtypes
    notduels.type.set - /settype
    notduels.type.delete - /rmtype
    notduels.type.get - /gettype
    notduels.duel - /duel
    notduels.duel.accept - /daccept
    notduels.duel.deny - /ddeny
    notduels.duel.leave - /dleave
    notduels.stats.view - /dstats
    notduels.stats.reset - /resetstats for yourself
    notduels.stats.resetothers - /resetstats for others
    notduels.queue - /duelqueue, /leavequeue - /help
    notduels.cmdlimit.bypass - disables no command rule in duels
    notduels.tool.spawn - /stool
    notduels.tool.arena - /dtool

    /arenatp (arena name): teleports you to spawn 1 of the specified arena
    /daccept (player): accepts duel request from that player if you have on
    /darenas: lists all registered arenas and whether they are active or in use
    /ddeny (player): denies duel request from that player if you have one
    /dhelp: help with NotDuels commands
    /dleave: leaves the duel if you are in one
    /dstats (player): views the stats of that player if they are online
    /dtool: get the tool for setting arena corners
    /dtypes: lists all duel types and their gui icon
    /duel (player): opens up the duel type gui for that player
    /duel (player) (type): duels a player with the specified duel type
    /duelqueue: opens up the duel queue gui
    /duelqueue (duel type): joins the queue for that duel type
    /gettype (type name): gets the items and armor for that duel type
    /leavequeue: leaves the queue if you are in one
    /resetstats (player): resets the stats of the specified player
    /rmarena (arena name): deletes arena
    /rmtype (type name): deletes duel type
    /setarena (name): sets an arena up provided you have 2 locations selected with /dtool
    /setspawn (name) (1-2): sets either spawn 1 or spawn 2 for the specified arena provided that you have a location selected with /stool
    /settype (name): sets a new type to your current inventory and sets the icon to the item in your hand
    /stool: get the duels arena spawn tool

    Source code:
    For support DM me on the forum or leave a comment in the discussion of this resource and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

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