NoteBlockPlayer 2.0.0

play .nbs files ingame

  1. AtrayGaming
    Need NoteBlockAPI and DKLib in your plugins folder to work!

    • play .nbs files ingame as noteblock sounds
    • easy to use
    • multi threading
    Planned features
    • signs
    • noteblocks
    • disks
    How to get .nbs

    Download .nbs files
    Here is a list of free .nbs files

    Convert .midi to .nbs
    use Minecraft Note Block Studio:
    1. import your .midi file to Note Block Studio;
    2. save the file as .nbs file in your plugin folder

    Where to put the .nbs file?
    Simply put the .nbs file in /plugins/NoteBlockPlayer/

    Commands and Permissons
    /nbpall commands
    /play <me/world/all/playername> <file> <silent?>play a song for a certain

    e.g.: /play world MySong.nbs: plays the song MySong.nbs for all players in the world of the player that uses the command
    /play michidk HighLife.nbs silent: plays the song HighLife.nbs for the player michidk and don't send him a message like "Started playing HighLife.nbs"

    at /play, /playMe and /playAll you can add additionaly "silent" if you dont want a succees response
    e.g.: /play all mySong.nbs silent

Recent Reviews

  1. Scott2453
    Version: 2.0.0
    Awesome plugin. but the link is broken. by the way, thank you.
    I downloaded from bukkit.o**