Notes 1.5

A plugin that allows you to save notes such as the coordinates of your base

  1. Added Update Checker and fixed dependency relocations

    Fairly self-explanatory!
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  2. Moved to Minedown and added a language section to the config.yml!

    Minedown is a special way of formatting text that allows greater freedom than legacy colour codes, while being more familiar to server developers than Adventure! You can read more here:
  3. Updated API-Version

    Updated API-Version in plugin.yml
  4. 1.15.2 Update

    Made it work with 1.15.2.
  5. Fixed Permissions

    Previously, you needed note.notes & notes.note to be able to use the command. You now only need note.notes as described in the description of the plugin.
  6. Bug Fixes & Improved Tab Completion

    Color Codes no longer persist between notes / lines.
    Feedback message added to /note clear and /note remove
    Tab Completion now works as intended
    /note help added