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Create your story - a powerful Quest & Conversation plugin

  1. NoeX
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    Source Code:
    Alessio Gravili
    Languages Supported:
    Fully configurable in language file. Maintained by developer: English & German. Many other languages maintained by community:

    Requirements to run NotQuests:
    • Minecraft 1.17.x, 1.18.x or 1.19.x
    • Java 17
    Helpful Links:
    Simple Beginner Tutorial:


    Accepting a Quest
    Conversation System
    Quest Completion & Rewards
    User GUI (taking Quests)
    Admin Commands & Help Menu

    Integrations / optional plugins:
    NotQuests is an incredibly easy-to-use, open-source spigot Quests plugin for 1.17, 1.18 and 1.19.

    While I initially created NotQuests for my own server because I was unhappy with what the previous Quests plugin we used had to offer, it's now public!

    It's being constantly improved, and I really hope that others could contribute to the plugin and help maintain it.

    The command system is much faster, easier & flexible than what other Quest plugins have to offer, and I did not notice any performance issues either.

    Disclaimer: I will only update the plugin when I have time — while I'm busy, updates may be irregular (especially feature updates). Support is also only guaranteed when I have time.

    • Proxy support (like Velocity, Waterfall & BungeeCord)
    • Variable system for registering flexible Actions & Conditions at the same time
    • Actions, Conditions, Objectives & Conditions are registered dynamically. This makes it easy to add your own via the API or by contributing.
    • Tag System (save data per-player)
    • Flexible Conversation system, tightly integrated with actions & conditions
    • Multiple integrations with other plugins (if not, you can achieve a lot with Placeholder Conditions/Objectives & Console Command Actions)
    • Great, extensive API
    • Complete GUI for the User Interface
    • Beautiful GUI & Chat Design
    • Modern coloring using MiniMessage (legacy is unsupported)
    • Player data is saved in MySQL or SQLite, Quest configuration data in a configuration file
    • Quest Point System (You can create your own currency via tags)
    • Smart Command Tab Completions for all User and Admin commands
    • Translation System (
    • Many usable Objectives, Conditions (= Requirements) and Actions (= Rewards). Full list of objectives:
    • Install it now and check out our many actions/rewards, conditions/requirements and objectives in-game!
    Player Placeholders:
    • %notquests_player_has_completed_quest_QUESTNAME%
    • %notquests_player_has_current_active_quest_QUESTNAME%
    • %notquests_player_is_objective_unlocked_and_active_OBJECTIVEID_from_active_quest_QUESTNAME%
    • %notquests_player_is_objective_unlocked_OBJECTIVEID_from_active_quest_QUESTNAME%
    • %notquests_player_is_objective_completed_OBJECTIVEID_from_active_quest_QUESTNAME%
    • %notquests_player_questpoints%
    • %notquests_player_active_quests_list_horizontal%
    • %notquests_player_active_quests_list_vertical%
    • %notquests_player_completed_quests_amount%
    • %notquests_player_active_quests_amount%
    • %notquests_player_tag_TAGNAME%
    • %notquests_player_variable_VARIABLENAME%
    • %notquests_player_expression_EXPRESSION%
    • %notquests_player_rounded_expression_EXPRESSION%
    • %notquests_player_quest_cooldown_left_formatted_QUESTNAME%
    • My full to-do list can be found on my discord.
    You are welcome to join for support, though, I won't promise you fast support while I'm busy with school.

    Please don't hesitate to contribute any features you need on GitHub:

    Logo made by

    Attention: Please don't report bugs or errors in the review section. Report them on my Discord, and I'll fix them as soon as I'm on my computer. We also have a channel for feature requests :)
    Due to college, I currently have a lot less time, though.

Recent Updates

  1. v4.29.0 - More customizability
  2. v4.28.0 - Variable additions & Fixes
  3. v4.27.1 - Integrations fix

Recent Reviews

  1. AsrielFBI
    Version: 4.23.3
    What can I say about it? I love the plugin itself, very easy to use, flexible, intuitive,...
    It also has really good support, and the creator is very chill.
    11/10 recommended.
  2. BarneyTheBuilder
    Version: 4.23.3
    The NotQuests plugin is an amazing plugin. It has lots of customizable features and can really lighten up a Minecraft server.

    I'd really encourage anyone who uses this plugin to join the discord. The support on there is fantastic. The Dev is dedicated to this plugin, they're really friendly and always around to help. The community on the discord are also very helpful!

    I wish I could give this plugin more stars!
  3. DoyPanda
    Version: 4.20.0
    reliable, amazing, fast responsive, and easy to configurate. Recommended for all survival server
  4. GentlemanMG
    Version: 4.14.0
    Excellent Quest Plugin. The Author and the Support is very fast, very friendly and very kind. He try to help and answers questions very fast.
  5. Ern
    Version: 4.10.1
    Absolutely great quest plugin, I have used a fair few different ones from free to paid ones, this one is the best for updates, support, features. I have had no problems with it apart from the conversations system, but seeing it's a WIP (future) thing to add an in-game editor, it's not hard for my builders to give me a text file with what they want and me to add it in about 10 minutes. It's very easy and quick to learn from the wiki forms and videos provided and offers a lot of options, and if it doesn't have what you need just request it, it might end up being added (Haven't done it myself as everything I needed was already here) Updates are very frequent if that's something you like, so it's very active on development, and shows the developer cares a lot about their project!
  6. Adrian0w0
    Version: 4.4.2
    One of the best plugins i have ever met, the support is amazing and its creator very friendly, thanks for the help!
  7. AbrarFF
    Version: 3.2.5
    The best quest plugin for your smp or survival/skyblock/factions/kitpvp server. Developer is fast in fixing bugs. Also is adding new improvements every day and listens to suggestions.

    I think every should use this, and also you can do everything in game which makes life easier for beginners and saves time for advanced user,

    And best of all great support
  8. etcroot
    Version: 3.2.4
    Probably the best questing plugin i've seen so far. Setting up quests is more simple than setting a spawn point in my opinion, smooth command structure, good objectives & customization capabilities. I'd suggest using this over any other questing plugin + the developer is very friendly and responsive aswell!
  9. Satramoh
    Version: 3.2.1
    Best plugin i've ever used. Got fast help with my problems. I see big possibilities here in the future. :3
  10. editon
    Version: 3.0.0
    I like that Plugin and the Devloper behind that. The Plugin is a noice NotQuest System that help making NotQuests ;)

    Thank you!
    1. NoeX
      Author's Response
      Thank you a lot for your review!!