NotTokens 1.0

Simple tokens system to run on your server

  1. Not_Jaden
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    A simple tokens system for minecraft. Allows players with the proper permission to add or remove tokens from a player. Stores token amounts in the plugin while the server is running and auto saves to a file every couple of minutes. Also has a log of when and who gets tokens if there are any concerns about token balances. In the config you can change the language as needed. Includes a Placeholder from PlaceholderAPI, but not required. %nottokens_amount%

    /tokens help - displays commands
    /tokens reload - reloads config
    /tokens give (player) (amount) - gives a player tokens
    /tokens remove (player) (amount) - removes a player's tokens
    [Aliases: token, nottokens, ntokens]

    nottokens.admin - ability to use all of the commands