NovaDetector | Hack Blocker | Beta Version's Build 11.2-Pre2

You can keep your server from hackers with this Skript!

  1. Jxyy
    Version: Build 11.2-Pre1
    Oh god another skript anticheat, skript is not good for anticheats, use Java, not this trash. All skript anticheats are trash, please learn Java
    1. NovaCraft254
      Author's Response
      Hello user, I do anti-cheat skripts since that's what I like apart, I already know that skripts can cause lag on the server but I'm trying to optimize to the maximum, and in the java issue I don't know how to code from There I already tried tutorials but the result I got was not what I wanted.

      Still, thanks for your comment.

      Im using Google Translator
  2. mikkel1239
    Version: Build 12-Pre3
    Heres my honest review:

    1) His "Classic" killaura detection is just: Player under CPS and is this far away, and that is such a dumb check, I see it says "Disabled" despite being enabled by default

    2) His Killaura B check is just a fkn CPS cap.

    3) Oh god the AntiKB check, It killed god.

    4) Jesus, Meh, is a decent check but can falseflag and can be optimised

    5) Fastbow, Meh (Also disabled)

    6) Your Packet Fasteat check doesnt fkn reference packets at any point. You just check if the player has eaten in a timespan and what about cakes?

    7) Fly A and B, I have seen worse, despite a can of beans is harder to bypass than it.

    8) Is worse optimized than Strike Practice

    So thats all the flaws.

    Heres why its fine:

    Advanced checks, "Decent updates", Not really anything else, this thing sucks lmao