NovaDetector | Hack Blocker | Beta Version's Build 11.2-Pre2

You can keep your server from hackers with this Skript!

  1. Build 11.2-Pre2

    • Errors fixed in Scaffold.
    • Errors fixed in BlockReach.
    • Added more checks in Scaffold.
    • Added more options in Scaffold.
    • Added more messages to edit.
  2. Build 11.2-Pre1

    • Recoded all checks.
    • Added more options in the config "options".
    • Removed "cancel event" and changed.
    • Changed the appareance of the menu.
    • Changed the appareance of all messages.
    • Added more checks:...
  3. Build 12-Pre3

    • Added all Checks
    • Errors fixed
    • Added updated notify
  4. Pre2-Build 12

    • Added Bypass in Reach (B)
    • Errors fixed