NovaDetector | Hack Blocker | Skript Build 11.1

You can keep your server from hackers with this Skript!

  1. NovaCraft254
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Spanish, English
    Beta Version's
    You can download the version "Build 11.2-Pre2" in the link under this message, you can test any beta version of this skript in the link under and report any error.

    NovaDetector Beta
    Information of Check's
    In this message, you will have information about the hacks that the skript blocks and penalizes. You will get below this message with some more details, such as the requirements, permissions, commands and tested clients. If you find any errors, report them in the discussion section.

    • Killaura
    • HitReach
    • FastBow
    • Velocity
    • Jesus
    • FastEat
    • FastPlace
    All new checks are tested with found any error to send a new version of the skript, for example false flags and bypasses, all checks are tested with clients in the list under of this message. You can test your client and send me to DM if you find any bypass.
    Information of Client's
    Here in this list you can see the tested clients to be able to do the checks and try to fix any type of bypass in all checks. If you find any bypass in any checks, please contact the creator of the skript in page discussion of this. All checks list are above, for more information under of the list.
    • Flux
    • Wurst
    • Quiet
    • Phantom
    • Huzuni
    • Hawk [Tested in the PreVersions]
    All clients of this list are tested with pre-sets or any config to find any bypass, for example the client Flux. For this reason if you find a bypass, is recommended report the problem to the creator or change the configuration to trying to fix the bypass, but is recommended.

    Information of Permission's
    Then the list of permissions available in the skript will be said to be able to establish in the permission groups, clarify that if you have operator permission, you can already have all the permissions, and to use the main command, you have to have the permission required to be stated below.

    This permission will warn you when the skript detects that a user is cheating. Example an user using killaura the anticheat detects and send an alert to all users has the permission (if you have op you can receive the alert). Is recommended add this permission to your group of Moderators.

    This permission will allow you to use the skript commands for example the help command to view the skript commands or another command of the anticheat. The command of the gui is necessary this permission to open and use a option of the gui, you can use this command if you have operator.

    This permission you can see the reports that users made but currently this permission is unnecessary and is only available for previous versions of the skript. Example in olders versions of the antichat you can use /report a custom command of the anticheat, but in new versions has been removed.

    This permission you can bypass the skript checks. For example if you set the "Nova.Bypass.Velocity" permission you will be bypassing the AntiKnockback check and if you use the "Nova.Bypass.All" permission you will be bypassing all the skript checks. If the skript is in "Test Mode" the permissions will not work (This will help to test the skript configuration).

    All permissions is optional an separated to applly in differents groups of perms, for example in Helper you can add Nova.Staff to send alerts to the group, or Moderator you can add Nova.Staff and Nova.Use to send alerts and use commands and all permissions has a different function.

    Information of Requirement's
    Here you will have the list of plugins necessary for the skript to work correctly on your server.

    The plugin is important to start the anticheat and it also serves to start others skripts. Once the skript plugin is downloaded you can put the anticheat in /plugins/Skript/scripts/ and then restart the server to enable the skript, is recommended install in your server the plugin under this.

    The plugin is optional but is recommended for fix all errors in console and functions. This plugins it is also necessary because you can use all commands of the anticheat and more events to prevent some hacks, to run is necessary install in your server the plugin above.

    Information of Command's
    Here are the commands that the skript has and that can only be used by users with the "Nova.Use" permission. Read under of the command for more info of this.

    nova help
    You can see the anticheat commands in general and that are executed in the staffs with the permission mentioned previously. Other is you using the command "/nova" without args.

    nova hacksdetect
    You can see all checks of the anticheat in the version. With the command you can see and use the command novaclear to clear all vls of a player.

    nova version
    You can see the version of the anticheat of your version downloaded, but, for any update is found, the anticheat notify you on join to the server. Is recommended don't change the version in "options".

    You can kick the mentioned player due to a reason. If you can't use a reason the anticheat kick the player for "No Reason" you can change the message in config. An example of this command is "/novakick Example no(to no kill)/yes(to kill) (Reason but is optional)".

    You can clear vls of an user. Example you try to reset the vls of killaura an user use the command /novaclear <user> Killaura or use all to reset all's vls check of the mentioned user. You can use "/nova hacksdetect" to view all checks.

    nova gui
    You can use the gui menu of the anticheat to enable or disable all checks, a check or enable or disable the test mode. In the config you can't enable or disable is necessary use the gui menu to enable or disable a check.

    nova reload
    You can reset/reload the anticheat config and the skript. Is recommended restart your server for any type of problem on the skript.
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Recent Updates

  1. Build 11.1
  2. Build 11
  3. Added Version Spanish and fixed errors

Recent Reviews

  1. mikkel1239
    Version: Build 11.1
    Ok, This anticheat is 1/5, for these reasons:

    The fact that you use "Options:" means that when you want to update I have to copy every setting manually, Just use YMLs.

    Checks are way overcomplicated and just cause lag and memory usage.

    Checks are sloppy and only work in certain conditions (Like the AntiKB check only working when not moving) and things like the reach check only detects 4.5~

    You dont use function based cheat handling, meaning if i want to change a message i have to change it about 20 times.

    The skript uses "Cancel event" in "on damage" which can cause hitdelay and laggy combat.

    The Killaura check is literally just a reach check and a CPS condition.

    Performance is absolutely terrible with it decreasing TPS from 20 to 18.5~ on a pretty decent server.

    You dont even have a fly check.

    I am fluent in broken English yet my gramma is way better than your ("NovaDetector" LMAOOO)

    You have some great ideas and GUI design yet it all goes to waste with the fact that this is a laggy mess filled with bugs and bypasses.
  2. ineedwater
    Version: Build 11
    The reason I am giving 3 stars is as follows:


    - Uses very small amnt of plugins
    - Very organized skript and easy to see what you did.


    - doesn't use spawn based killaura detection. A lot of modern killauras teleport player packets to the victim, then hit. So your reach check would be useless. Using spawn based killaura detection or packet based would be better because its a more server sided approach.
    - Reach check uses distance from. Very lazy and could be way better.
    - Lack of checks. There are a lot of cheats that would bypass this anticheat flawlessly.

    Hope you liked my review :D
    1. NovaCraft254
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your comment.
  3. InfintiePower563
    Version: Build 11
    Very excellent anticheat, but my server is laggy to the EXTREME and it constantly flags players with AntiKB and Reach
  4. summiner
    Version: Build 11
    overall this is the best anti-cheat I've found that uses skript, I was actually wondering if I would implement parts of the checks into my own anti-cheat? I would gladly give you credit <3

    have a nice day, - summiner
    1. NovaCraft254
      Author's Response

      Sure you can use it, but please only 3 checks. And thanks for your review.
  5. XAahackerX
    Version: Build 11
    If you can add a violation log ( a gui that puts player's ign That the anticheat thinks its hacking)\ that will be perfect
    1. NovaCraft254
      Author's Response
      okay thanks for your review
  6. SpaceCrafter164
    Version: Build 11
    Good AntiCheat .
    1. NovaCraft254
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your comment.
  7. valerio8888
    Version: Build 11
    Really cool. But if u dont add a Flight check its useless. Even a speed check. The rest is pretty good but add them or its useless. Rechecking later for a response. I will rethink of my review.
    1. NovaCraft254
      Author's Response
      I have already finished the Check fly, I just need to try it with ghostclients, test it being legit and I will have to solve some problems soon, for example the AirJump is bypasseable. Thanks for your review.
  8. MundoSk
    Version: Build 11
    Killaura good, reach very good, FastBow okay, jesus 3/5, AntiKB 2/5, FastEat 4/5
    1. NovaCraft254
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review
  9. CheaterModCraft
    Version: Build 10
    Good AntiCheat... poor Killaura doesn't detect it well and the reach detects it before he does.
    1. NovaCraft254
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review.
  10. KlepDev
    Version: Build 9
    Sigma's killaura byppas lol
    1. NovaCraft254
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your comment. Please pass me the link of the download client to test it.