NovaDetector | Hack Blocker | Skript Build 11.1

You can keep your server from hackers with this Skript!

The skript needs some functions from other plugins called dependencies, in which they require events from these to be able to start and fix errors, NovaDetector uses only 2 unlike other anticheats skripts plugins to improve the use of this and the performance of your server.

NovaDetector has beta versions in which you can test some functions that are in test and then be able to go out in the normal version, see here. I have ideas to make an experimental version, this works with test controls.

NovaDetector updates are late so we can check for new features and make updates, deploy, remodel checks to patch most false positives, bypasses and more, we will try to get updates faster. In the beta version, these are tested quickly and in a bit of detail. Those of the experimental version will be tested quickly but not in detail.

In the checks, it currently includes some checks that can be detected more quickly by constant use or when the anticheat detects unusual functions in the user, that is, irregular actions in which it is to become notorious, in the case of the Killaura check, this will try to detect the speed of each attack for a result.

The skript brings a variety of features to improve the use of the skript in a very good way, some of them you may like, the plugin is trying to be able to have the best features (although it is an impossible mission for the creator) so that a lot people will come to like using the plugin.

  • The complement is capable of detecting varieties of types of hacks and modifications to be able to try to make quick kicks if possible, the default configuration is not the best option. I recommend creating your own configuration in case if this don't kick quick.
  • Updates are always trying to lower the rate of false positives, deviations and problems to make the best possibility for a user to play normally, little by little we will implement the number of hacks to block in this complement.
  • The plugin is capable of detecting user actions in combat, this means the distance, the user's movement when attacked, the number of clicks and more. This would work well for PvP and PvE.
  • We are fighting and doing everything possible to eliminate the lag caused by the complement and improve the performance of this and the server so that users are not affected by it without altering the checks to 100%.
  • The complement includes a number of varieties of commands to be able to handle the use of it in order to make it fully manageable by the moderators, all the commands include the same permission to facilitate their use.

We will try to maintain a good atmosphere among the users who use this complement, we will avoid any type of conflicts, between false positives and more. Before publishing this version, they go through two other versions of the complement, above is the information.
Then the list of permissions available in the skript will be said to be able to establish in the permission groups, clarify that if you have operator permission, you can already have all the permissions, and to use the main command, you have to have the permission required to be stated below.

This permission will warn you when the skript detects that a user is cheating. Example an user using killaura the anticheat detects and send an alert to all users has the permission (if you have op you can receive the alert). Is recommended add this permission to your group of Moderators.

This permission will allow you to use the skript commands for example the help command to view the skript commands or another command of the anticheat. The command of the gui is necessary this permission to open and use a option of the gui, you can use this command if you have operator.

This permission you can see the reports that users made but currently this permission is unnecessary and is only available for previous versions of the skript. Example in olders versions of the antichat you can use /report a custom command of the anticheat, but in new versions has been removed.

This permission you can bypass the skript checks. For example if you set the Nova.Bypass.Velocity permission you will be bypassing the AntiKnockback check and if you use the Nova.Bypass.All permission you will be bypassing all the skript checks. If the skript is in "Test Mode" the permissions will not work (This will help to test the skript configuration).
All permissions is optional an separated to applly in differents groups of perms, for example in Helper you can add Nova.Staff to send alerts to the group, or Moderator you can add Nova.Staff and Nova.Use to send alerts and use commands and all permissions has a different function.
Code (YAML):
# Permissions for Mods:

- nova.staff
- nova.use

# Permissions for Admins:

- nova.staff
- nova.use
- nova.bypass.all

# Permissions for Users (In older versions):

- nova.reports