NoWorldDownloader 1.3

Protect your worlds on your server!

  1. RicardoBernard
    « NoWorldDownloader »

    NoWorldDownloader is a powerful protection for your maps. With this plugin, you can do what you want to players that are using WDL to steal your buildings!

    « Config »
    Code (Text):
      enabled: true
      debug: false
      actionKick: true
      messageAdmins: true
      logPlayers: true
      failedReload: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Failed to reload config! Printed Stacktrace...'
      reloaded: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Reloaded config!'
      logOn: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Logs &aenabled&7!'
      logOff: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Logs &cdisabled&7!'
      notifyOn: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Notifications &aenabled&7!'
      notifyOff: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Notifications &cdisabled&7!'
      debugOn: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Debug mode &aenabled&7!'
      debugOff: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Debug mode &cdisabled&7!'
      toggleOn: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Anti World Downloader is now &aenabled&7! Please reload
        the server!'
      toggleOff: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Anti World Downloader is now &cdisabled&7! Please reload
        the server!'
      noPermission: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Check your permissions!'
      configUsage: '&8[&cAWD&8] &7Usage: &c/awd reload/toggle/debug/notify/log'
      kickMessage: '&8[&cAWD&8] &c%player%&7, please disable your World-Downloader!'
      notifyMessage: '&8[&cAWD&8] &c%player% &7is using a World Downloader!'
      bypass: awd.bypass
      command: awd.command
      notify: awd.notify

    « Permission»
    Can be set in the config file.

    « Installation »
    Just drag it into your plugin folder and restart your server

    « Info »

    ✦ There is actually 2 versions of WDL, one is still passing throught my protection, I'm working on an update!
    ✦ Before doing bad review, just ask for help please :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: 1.3
    works good i put this on my server tried joining with worlddownloader and blocked it
  2. Een_noob
    Version: 1.3
    I think it works Thanks bro keep working on this kid of plugins :p !!!!!!! I will download it al :)
  3. RedHosting
    Version: 1.1
    Works Great nice! I hope the Plugin is every time Updated :) Like this !!!!!!!! Easy Install and works instand!