NPC Police (Policing, Bounty, Jails, and more!) 2.2.84

Implement a justice system on your server / network

  1. Nutty101
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    About the plugin:
    NPC Police provides servers a system for implementing a judicial system. It provides a structured jail system, NPC based police force, incarceration system, bounties, and general mayhem deterrent.

    • Base settings configurable at many levels.
      • Server (Config.yml), World, Regions, Jail, and per NPC
    • Customization of bounties
      • based on damage dealt, murders of NPCs / Players, PVP, Escapes
      • Add or subtract bounties based on status, (Wanted, In Jail, Escaped, in cell at night/day)
    • Define your own bounty to time served
      • Global, per World, or per jail!
    • Customizable message system
      • Limit alerts/notices based on distance to the activity, or jail
      • Set the delay or time it will take to reach each player based on distance (News can travel fast, or slow, you decide)
    • Define what NPCs are protected globally, Regions, or per NPC
    • Enable NPCs to only attack what they can see
      • Custom line of sight system that can also see through windows, iron bars, ice based on how transparent they are.
    • Ability to confiscate the player's inventory upon arrest, as well as multiple methods to return it.
      • Ability to configure items as banned, and they are never returned upon arrest.
    • Customizable commands for many events
      • Globally or per world:
        • NPC Warnings, Alerting Guards, Alerting (No guards in range), NPC Murders, Players becoming (Wanted, Arrested, Escaped, Released)
      • Per Jail
        • Arrested, Escaped, Released
    • Each jail can be customized
      • Jails name
      • Multiple cell locations
      • Bounty per second spent
        • Out of a cell during the day or night
        • In the jail
      • Bounty per PVP damage in jail
    • This system also extends some of your other plugins feature sets
      • Worldguard (More flags available to support customization of your worlds)
        • Set the bounties for PVP, NPC Damage, NPC Murders, Time spent Escaped or Wanted
        • Set NPC defaults (Does not override settings on an NPC directly, just at the server or world level)
        • Define regions to autoflag players to a status upon entering.
          • Ability to require line of sight with an NPC. Transparent blocks, glass etc all have levels that affect sight.
          • Add a bounty when flagged
          • Send a message to the player when caught!
      • PlaceholderAPI
        • Offers several variables to display elsewhere.
          • Users: Bounty, TotalBounty. Current Status, Prior Status, Current JailName, Last assault/Murder/Arrested date or time in hh:mm:ss, Times Arrested/Escaped/Murders
          • Global: Most wanted user (Bounty, Status, Name), Closest Jail
      • BetonQuest
        • Provides extra Events, Objectives, and Conditions to build even more in depth quests/stories
      • LeaderHeads
        • Users love nothing more than looking at who is the worst or best criminal across your network (MySql, or Server via SQLite)
        • Top Current Bounties, Latest/Most Arrests, Latest/Most Escapes, Most Murders, Highest total bounties

    Required Plugins:
    1. Vault (Economy & Permissions)
    2. Citizens2 (NPC interaction)
    3. WorldGuard (Jail region management)
    4. Sentinel
    Quick Tutorial:
    • Download the latest version of the plugin and place it into your plugins folder.
    • Start the server, it will auto-create a default config (plugins/jailer/config.yml)
    • Edit the file and setup the worlds (or copy the default for each that you want the plugin to function in)
    • Using a permissions plugin, make sure you have the three groups that are in the config (Defaults: WANTEDCRIMINALS, JAILED, FUGITIVES)
    • Create a worldguard region covering your jail area
      • /region create tutorialjail
    • Create a jail /np createjail {short name} {region name} {Display Name}
      • /np createjail tutjail tutorialjail Tutorial Jail
    • Now add cells, stand in the cell where you want players to be sent. type /np addcell
    • Create an NPC in or around your jail that players can access from inside
      • Select that NPC and type /np npc
      • Click on the X inside the menu option. It should turn to a checkmark. That person now accepts right clicking.
    • Create an NPC outside the jail
      • equip them with a weapon
      • For sentry use the following commands:
        • /trait sentry
        • type /sentry target add group:WANTEDCRIMINALS
        • type /sentry target add group:FUGITIVES
      • For Sentinel use the following commands:
        • /trait sentinel
        • /sentinel addtarget group:WANTEDCRIMINALS
        • /sentinel addtarget group:FUGITIVES
      • type /np npc and check the box for guard, should show a checkmark now
    • create another NPC to attack within 25 blocks of the guard
      • Attack it, and you should see a warning or bounty. The Guard should start attacking once your harm the NPC enough.
      • When in jail, right click the NPC you created in there and a menu should come up.
    • Quick visual layout of a simple jail.
      • 1: I tend to place the judge/jailer in a location that both outside players and arrested players can interact with them.
      • 2: Cells are the locations i use to set where the player will be sent to after being arrested.
      • 3: Create a method to get out, i use iron doors to ensure the NPC guards cannot get into the jail (Tend to use a set of two to ensure they do not get into the jail)
        • If a player leaves the jail region, they will be converted to escaped and using Sentinel or sentry you can have the guards hunt them down.

    Videos of features:

    Servers running this plugin:
    • Pigcraft Reborn @ (Running on the PVP server)


    * This plugin uses the plugin Metrics system. If you want to disable it, open /PluginMetrics/Config.yml and set opt-out to true. Mostly for my curiosity :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Shadowpauler
    Version: 2.2.84
    Isn't working for 1.13.2 for some reason, but I still love this plugin. Please do fix the issue, as it should be obvious on a quick test on 1.13.2 and thank you!
    1. Nutty101
      Author's Response
      Lots of people are using it on 1.13.2. Hit me up in the discussion with your errors.
  2. NazzyDragon
    Version: 2.2.49
    Author is an absolute doll. He might be busy sometimes, but when he isn't, he really works with you to fix issues. Glad I could help fix a big one!

    Seriously, buy this guy a beer. c:
  3. TangYuan
    Version: 2.2.1
    What a good plugin!!I like it very much!So I want to reprint it to a chinese BBS( are so many chinese minecraft players in there.And I'm sure a lot of people will like this plugin!And I'm sure I will write the author is you and link this page.I hope you will agree. Thank you very much!
    1. Nutty101
      Author's Response
      The language files for my plugins are a bit of work. Apologies ahead of time for that. Thanks for the review, and feel free to hit me up on Discord if you want any assistance.
  4. CobraYT
    Version: 2.1.9
    the plugin wont work when i put into my server when i have the required plugins
    Yo wtf am i supposed to do
    1. Nutty101
      Author's Response
      Umm, make a region and jail? There are videos that explain it all. I really do go out of my way to make a plugin that explains itself, hover text. Then I do videos to help you. I do more than most to help. Thanks for the appreciation of someone who supports a plugin whom has not actively ran servers for years. Yet keeps his plugins alive for people to give 1 stars without actually trying to figure it out. Makes me want to support people like you more and more. Next time, I'll not spend hours on ungrateful people like you. If you care, come ask for help, be amazed how much support you could get. This is why you server has dead non updated plugins
      Yet, i bet you complain that we don't support you for free, or update after x time. Wonder why. Cool, I'm drunk, you deserved it. Grin lazy people make the world go round. Enjoy :)

      Example made, learn to code your own junk. Enjoy life, and hope you figure it out.
  5. Dracke39
    Version: 2.1.9
    Terrible plugin. When I go to execute a command the plugin does not respond with any message nor with any action.
    1. Nutty101
      Author's Response
      That tends to be due to improper setup. Hit the discussion area, or discord. Promise it's simple to get you going.
  6. RicoENM120215
    Version: 2.1.9
    Ask , Hi Dev, Why when my status are Wanted, NPC Guard not kill or jail me, but if i attack NPC Guard they will jail me, and then if my status ESCAPED NPC Guard Will attack me and jail me again, So . i need your answer why the NPC Guard just attack or jail me if my status ESCAPED but if my Status WANTED they not jail me,.

    and then. what variable bounty, cause i want to show my bounty or my status on my Scoreboard. Thanks
    1. Nutty101
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, if you can would you mind starting a PM with me, or catch me on Discord? That will make it much easier to help you out.
  7. Phela1
    Version: 2.1.9
    Amazing dev whos fantastic to help resolve any queries or issues and his plugins have a great ingame editor
  8. MsDemonicRaven
    Version: 2.1.8
    So happy to have found a jail plugin with multi-cell compatibility that actually WORKS. Mainly using this to manually jail troll players. Went to the discord for help, dev is so great. 10/10 keep up the good work and updates :)
  9. xvrlee
    Version: 2.1.8
    Bro NPC are not working. Only when i hit them, they will jail me.
    When i hit player or other npc they are not reacting man.
    1. Nutty101
      Author's Response
      Hit me up in discord or the discussion area. You just need to tell the police to monitor pvp.
  10. zDan_YT
    Version: 2.1.4
    Yes! It's the perfect plugin that I've been looking for but can you make it so that if players are seen with some kind of items near them, they will start attacking them?

    For example, i need to have guards attack people that have drugs in their inventory. Could you please do that?
    1. Nutty101
      Author's Response
      Let me look Into it for you, so in their inventory, or in their hands?