NPCAuctions 1.0.62

Don't spam your chat with auction! Have an NPC list all the auctions currently active

  1. zombie_striker
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    What is NPCAuctions

    NPCAuctions was created as an alternative to all the other auction plugins currently out there. What makes this plugin different than the rest is that there are no commands to auction items, and that players must use an NPC to open a GUI that contains all the auctions.

    • Supports NPCs if the server uses Citizens.
    • Uses Villagers if Citizens is not installed.
    • Should support any server higher than 1.8.
    /NPCAuction SpawnAuction - Spawns an auction house NPC
    /NPCAuction useVillager - Forces the server to use villagers if set to use Citizens
    /NPCAuction respawn - Respawns all villagers if anything happens to them.
    /NPCAuctionEntity - Changes the NPC character to a Villager if you do not want to use Citizens.


    [!] I will not respond to bug fixes in the review section.[!]
    If you are experiencing a problem with NPCAuctions, please report this issue in the Discussions tab or the Github page, including any errors you receive and whether you tried it on a clean server (with no other plugins installed). I will not respond to issues in the review section, so don't use it as a way to try to get faster responses.

    This plugin does update automatically:
    This plugin checks for updates and will download updates. If you do not want this plugin to automatically update, all you need to do is edit one line in the "plugins\AUpdater\global.yml" file. Just change the one variable in there to false (or, if you run into any problems, copy the code below)

    # Updater by ArsenArsen
    # Global config
    # Sets should updates be downloaded globaly
    update: false

    • npcauctions.auctionlimit.#
    • --Replace the # with the max amount of auctions a player can have.
    • npcauctions.*
    • Gives the player permission to all commands.
    • npcauctions.create
    • Gives the player permission to create new npcs
    • npcauctions.destroy
    • Gives the player permission to remove npcs.
    • npcauctions.bypasslimit
    • Gives the player permission to add as many auctions as possible.
    • npcauctions.openGUIFromCommand
    • Allows users to open the gui from the command (given to all players by default. Remove it if you do not want them to use the command)
    How to Install
    • Drop this plugin into you plugins folder
    • Find/Create a plugin that will allow you get to your world
    • Restart your server

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed CCE Error
  2. Updated to 1.14
  3. Allow user buy it now after bid

Recent Reviews

  1. xigoyuzak
    Version: 1.0.60
    I wish too i could take away the ability to set the duration of the auctions and set a default, i also want the ability that the players only can do direct buy auctions. BUG REPORT: If a auction finish whilst your inventory is full you recieve nothing.
  2. Cynica
    Version: 1.0.58
    Great plugin, easy to setup. Using Citizens 2 has improved some functionality. Only wish I could take away a users ability to set the time an auction would be set for. I.E. Set all auctions to last for 72 hours.
  3. doitliketyler
    Version: 1.0.58
    The best auction plugin I've found. Simple to setup and very easy for players to use. A++
  4. Z3ktrix
    Version: 1.0.58
    Love the constant updates. Unlike some people, I think that's a good thing. I won't knock a star off just because you update and fix problems in your plugin. I've seen everything now!
  5. roberth332
    Version: 1.0.58
    Nice plugin that is actively developed and is a nice addition to any server. However I wish that the author would take longer between updates and just make each update a little larger because in my opinion updating multiple times a day is a little ridiculous.
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      Yeah, sorry about the massive amount of releases recently. They were supposed to be quick fixes for minor bugs, but new bugs kept being found.
  6. RockieGo
    Version: 1.0.55
    Nice plug, great support. must have plugin, better then the rest and easy for players to understand.
  7. BestAtlantiz
    Version: 1.0.55
    Good plugin, thank you man. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooof.
  8. EnderDesiredName
    Version: 1.0.52D
    Great plugin :D I see many of your plugins are helpful and great. Hope you keep up your marvelous work!
  9. Jeremylo1
    Version: 1.0.52C
    Excellent plugin with the addition of the blacklist world, and bug fixes, the plugin is really perfect in my opinion.
  10. Tirco
    Version: 1.0.48
    Good and simple plugin. Easy to understand and use.
    If you have an RPG server, this is a must-have.