NPLX-Anti Abuse 2015-05-14

NPLX-Anti Abuse | You can see other Players Commands

  1. Noplix
    This is my second Plugin!


    You can see other Players Commands in the Chat and they dont know it ;)

    • /ABUSE - Turns NPLX-Anti-Abuse on.
    • /ABUSE - Turns NPLX-Anti-Abuse off.

    • NPLXAntiAbuse.spy - You need this Permission to spy other Players commands.
    • NPLXAntiAbuse.NoSpy - If you have this Permission NOBODY can spy your commands.
    • NPLXAntiAbuse.toggle - Allows you to use the /ABUSE command to toggle it ON/OFF.

    MessageFormat: "\xa7b[\xa74\xa7lNPLX\xa7b] \xa7a[%world] \xa7c%player: \xa7e%command"

    This ""\xa7b"" just means the color codes in Minecraft you can use & and ยง also.

    • %command - The Command that the player is running.
    • %player - Player name.
    • %world - Shows you the Player World.

    Bukkit Version: ( Click here )