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    Well, in a few words, what this plugin does is to send a message with a sound, that suposes to alert the reciever(s) and to read it, so simple!


    • /shout <user> <message>: It shouts somebody
    • /shoutall <message>: It shouts everybody
    • /shoutsound <shout/shoutall>: Let you choose the sound of your shouts

    • Update checker: You can enable or disable it
    • GUI sound change system
    • s.shout
    • s.shoutall
    • s.updater
    • s.sounds.shout
    • s.sounds.shoutall
    • s.sound.shout.<number of the inventory>
    • s.sound.shoutall.<number of the inventory>
    Code (consoleyml (Unknown Language)):
    #Messages sent to the console
    onLoad: '%p&4nShout &6was loaded'
    onEnable: '%p&4nShout &6was enabled'
    onDisable: '%p&4nShout &6was disabled'
    onlyusers: '%p&6Only users can execute the command &c%c'
    prefix: '&9[&2&lnShout&r&9] '
        enabled: true
        disabled: '%p&6nShout updater is &4disabled'
        available: '%p&6New version of &bnShout &6is available at Spigot: &c%v'
        updated: '%p&6nShout is up to date'
        error: '%p&6nShout was unabled to access Spigot'
    Change the updater.enabled section to false to disable the update checker
    Code (Text):
    #Messages sent to players
    noperm: '&6You do &cnot &6have permission for execute &c%c'
        sendshout: '&6You shouted &b%sr &7%s'
        recieveshout: '&b%ss &6shouted you &7%s'
        recieveroffline: '&b%sr &6is offline'
        yourself: '&6You can &4not &6shout yourself'
        usage: '&6Use &c/shout <player> <message> &6for shouting someone'
        sendshout: '&6You shouted everybody &7%s'
        recieveshout: '&b%ss &6shouted everybody &7%s'
        alone: '&6You are alone, &4nobody &6heard you'
        usage: '&6Use &c/shoutall <message> &6for shouting everybody'
            inventoryname: 'Sound selector - Shout'
            inventorysize: 54
            default: BLOCK_CHEST_CLOSE
            inventoryname: 'Sound selector - ShoutAll'
            inventorysize: 54
            defualt: BLOCK_CHEST_CLOSE
        usage: '&6Use &c/shoutsound <shout/shoutall> &6for selecting the sound of the shouts'
        head: '&6Available commands are:'
        separator: '&l&5 - &c'
    Change the subsections of shoutsound.shout(all) for change the sizes of the inventories and the default sound
    Code (Text):
        item: PAPER
        sound: AMBIENT_CAVE
        name: name0
        lore: lore0
        item: PAPER
        sound: BLOCK_ANVIL_BREAK
        name: name1
        lore: lore1
        item: PAPER
        sound: BLOCK_ANVIL_DESTROY
        name: name2
        lore: lore2
    The generated code will be something like this. You can modifiy each path, or even delete it if you want no item there. The item is the item that will be shown on the GUI, the sound, is the one that will be given to the clicker if he/she has permission, the name is the name of the item, and the lore, the lore of the item

    This is an important part. Read the following spoiler for understand how the work and how to manipulate them.
    When you run the plugin in your server, it will create two auto-generated files, inventoryShout and inventoryShoutAll. When you open them, you will se that they are so long, but is normal, the have four options for the 54 slots of the default inventory. If you want, you can change the size of the inventory int the players.yml file, as you can see in it's spoiler, as well as you can change the inventorie's name, and the default shouts sound. For configurating the inventories, you just have to modify the sound, the item and the lore and the name for the ones you want, and you can delete all path (starting from the number, it neccessary for a correct work of the plugin). If you have any question, pm me


    • Multiserver shouts
    And that's all for now!
    Is nice making plugins, but donations are motivationals and let me buy a cola =D

    For the moment, nothing more, so give me ideas!
    And please, rate and give your opinion about the plugin :3

    Note: I'm spanish, so sorry if you don't understand something, and please, notice me for correcting it

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Recent Reviews

  1. MangiLP
    Version: 1.8
    Your Resource is very well! Maybe you can add more discription for the variables in the config and some explanations for the sounds you can choose.
    The System works queit good and is very usefull

    4 STARS
    1. NotToDisturb
      Author's Response
      Working on a better sound-selecting system, probable for the 25 of this month it will be done, thanks forma the rating!
  2. TheTealViper
    Version: 1.0
    I haven't been able to download but the idea is unique and something that I haven't seen yet! I gave it four stars however because of its simplicity. Still, good plugin!
    1. NotToDisturb
      Author's Response
      Note that if you have any suggestions, i'll hear you :D