NSXLBountyHunter 1.1

get other players to do your dirt work

  1. Nysxl
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    sc1.jpg GUI.jpg

    Vault - is required for this plugin to work aswell as some sort of currency plugin (E.G. Essentials, CMI, Royal Economy)

    NOTE: please restart the server once after starting it with the plugin installed
    as the language files wont load properly otherwise. this may cause a few errors

    NSXLBounty create <player> <amount>: Creates a bounty
    NSXLBounty gui: Opens List of active bounties

    NSXLBounty.Create - create bounties
    NSXLBounty.Gui - Allows Opening GUI

    Lang file has its own custom placeholders
    {player} {bounty} {online} {tax}
    you can use these anywhere in the lang file to customize your messages

    DISCORD - NYSXL#6056
    please msg me if you'd like any additional features of if you come across any bugs, im sure there'd be a few. ill do my best to get to them as quickly as possible

Recent Updates

  1. Know when your being hunted & Fixes