NTAC - Advanced NoCheatPlus patchwork [Spigot 1.9] ABANDONDED

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  1. [1.9-b19] Speed model update & criticals recode

    [IMPROVED] Fixed a bunch of possible (non-existent) speed bypasses...

    IMPORTANT: Set the "VL-Decrease" in the config.yml to 2 or false-positives will occur!
    [IMPROVED] Recoded criticals for better performance, cleaner, code and slowly get rid of HorizonCode's checks...

    Find a configuration for the Aimbot-Check without false-positives but still catching killaura hackers (disable Killaura-NPC and AutoClicker
    to check for it). Once you found one, it would be very nice to post the "Angle-Threshold" and "Min-Yaw" into the plugin discution thread so these can become the default values and NTAC have one more active way to detect killaura hackers (and eventually even ghost-client-users).
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