NTAC - Advanced NoCheatPlus patchwork [Spigot 1.9] ABANDONDED

NTAC -> [Upgrading NC+] - [Killaura] - [BoatFly] - [AntiKnockback] - [Speed] - [AutoBan]

  1. NTAC is abadoned and open-source

    Hey there,
    I've been loosing my overall interest in Minecraft the past few month (haven't opened the launcher for a while), so in NTAC, which lead to very small updates with a huge timespan inbetween.

    Since I don't want NTAC to die brutally, I decided to put it open source (as many people requested) hoping it would lead to some awesome forks and maybe an developer community maintaining it, so have fun and an cheat-free server :)


    VincBreaker / Vinc0682
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