nuBeton_BetterShops 1.4

Add the ability to have BetonQuest open and validate Bettershops are open.

  1. Nutty101
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Addon: BetonQuest <> BetterShops​

    About the plugin:

    This plugin is nothing more than a simple addon to give BetonQuest and BetterShops a link.
    • Conditions:
      • btrshops_isopen (Shop name)
        • Lets you check if the shop is open or not. If it does not exist, returns false (as well as notes in your logs upon BQ loading the package)
    • Events:
      • btrshops_opengui (Shopname)
        • Opens the shop GUI for the calling player on the event.
      • btrshops_setshopstate (open/closed) (ShopName)
        • Opens and closes a shop based on your setting.
    Required Plugins:
    1. BetonQuest (Questing Plugin / Both 1.8 and 1.9 are supported)
    2. BetterShops (Shop GUI Plugin) [More updated version]
    Screenshots (Mostly how you can make it look):
    upload_2016-9-13_0-58-2.png nuBetter1.png nuBetter2.png

    Example Script:

    • Extract the scripts into /plugins/betonquest from the zipfile.
    • Edit your config.yml
      • Add under packages: the following line:
      • - nubeton_bettershops
    • Inside the game do the following:
      • Create a Chest
      • Place a sign on the front of it
      • type [shop]
      • name it demoshop
      • now make an npc /npc create bettershops
      • Edit /plugins/BetonQuest/nubeton_bettershops/main.yml to reflect the NPC's ID (type /npc to see it)
      • type /bq reload
      • and right click the NPC, should open the conversation. Try opening and closing the shop. Also delete the shop to see what happens.

    My GitHub

    * This plugin uses the plugin Metrics system. If you want to disable it, open /PluginMetrics/Config.yml and set opt-out to true. Mostly for my curiosity :)

Recent Reviews

  1. LOMG
    Version: 1.3
    Nice addon I use it very much, but bls update it to the newes BetonQuest update ;)
    I try the new BetonQuest update and this addon do not work anymor.
    1. Nutty101
      Author's Response
      Can you paste any errors you get on 1.9. Version 1.3 should work well with 1.9, but I could be missing something. If anything PM me and I will figure that out :)