NuclearFactions 1.4

A general plugin that adds helpful extra features on your server.

  1. Dirty_apple
    This is a really simple plugin that would allow players report bugs, found in the server, to the owner and other staff members. It also allows players report other players. It could also make players broadcast for help! More new commands and features are on their way!


    • /reportbug : to report a bug to staff. (report.bug/report.bview)
    • /reportplayer {playername} : to report a player to staff. (report.player/report.view)
    • /helpme : to broadcast help on the server.
    • /playercount: to count total players that joined the server.
    • /nv: to give the player a nightvision effect.
    • /tpme: to teleport to a random place.
    • /warnz: to warn an abusive player. (warnz.player)

    • It gives stone pressure plates to become launchpads.
    • It gives the ability of random tp to bedrock.
    • It gives the ability to make holographic messages when you hover over the player count in the server list page.
    • It addes a header and a footer for "Tab" menu ingame. (Configuration File Is Under Progress)
    • Note: This Plugin Requires ProtocolLib.

Recent Updates

  1. NuclearMC v1.4