nuNPCDestinations - Create Living NPC's (1.8.3 - 1.12) 2.3.5

Stop having boring NPC's and impress your users with an immersive NPC RPG experience

  1. Just cause a candle is lit, does not mean it will light the room.

    • LightAPI - Now it actually works!
      • Been a while since I reviewed this function, and it seems it was broken. This has been fixed. Thanks to @jobogamer24 and @bottomdumber for pointing it out, as well as pointing to where the issue was.
    • Console Messages
      • Errors cropped up when running commands from the console. This has been updated when commands are not supported on console.
      • the allstatus command also works on the console as well now
    • Command - AllStatus
      • The AllStatus command now lets you filter the status results.
      • Use: /nd allstatus {text}
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