nuNPCDestinations - Create Living NPC's (1.8.3 - 1.12) 2.3.21

Stop having boring NPC's and impress your users with an immersive NPC RPG experience

  1. Sometimes I like to just sit inside a square and never leave.

    • PlotSquared integration!
      • This allows admins to allow NPC Destinations to be used by players on their plots.
      • Wander mode, the NPC's will not go outside the plot
      • They cannot add locations outside the plot (you can merge and have them work across that). If the plots are not connected the NPC will not be able to cross to the other plots
      • Use my Citizens PlotSquared plugin to block access to NPC commands outside plots (If enough people want it, I will add that feature set to this as well).
      • If the users set a time on the plot, the NPC's will use that flag setting. So they can test via /plot flag set time # then use /plot flag remove time to follow server time.
      • Curious? Join and look for the creative area. You have access to NPC's and Destinations on any of my creative servers, so feel free to test it.
        • The server is mostly for testing and development anymore. So while a there are things there, it's hardly used by anyone.
    • None
    • Some commands returned no permissions if you used npcdestinations.edit{all/own}.*. This has been fixed.
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