nuNPCDestinations - Create Living NPC's (1.8.3 - 1.12) 2.3.21

Stop having boring NPC's and impress your users with an immersive NPC RPG experience

  1. Time is important, so pace yourself!

    • CPU usage
      • After doing a ton of digging, I did clean up the usage a bit and it lowered the timings. Long story short, it's less but your citizen's plugin might move up on the timings and show a hair more.
    • Pathfinding Queue
      • I have changed the way the queue processes now. For people using the Wanderloc portion, this will help stop that long pause between movements. The queue is now processed over time and this allows for NPC's with long distance locations to not cause other NPC's to wait. I show a distance / perf / time. The seconds are processing time, not total time. upload_2018-3-2_23-50-16.png
    • Command - maxprocessing
      • This command lets you override the configured max time to find a location. Where the default is 10s, this allows you to set it higher or lower.
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