nuNPCDestinations - Rancher Addon 1.2

Let me sheer that sheep, or milk that cow for you! (REQUIRES NPCDestinations2.1+)

  1. Nutty101
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    Aug 3rd, 2018: This plugin has some TPS issues, they are being worked on but until they are resolved, it will not get an update.

    About the plugin:
    This add-on to the Destinations plugin offers your NPC the ability to Breed, Milk, Sheer, and Slaughter animals on a ranch.
    • Ability to set the maximum amount of babies, and adults in an area.
    • NPCs can be set up to store the inventory they harvest in their personal inventory or do nothing with it.
      • If the inventory is too full, items are destroyed.
    Required Plugins:
    1. NPC Destinations 2 (Base plugin)
    Quick Tutorial:
    1. Create an area for your animal(s) to be housed/ranched using worldguard.
    • Ex: /region create myranch
    2. Click on upload_2017-12-19_19-52-45.png the icon to enable the rancher plugin for a selected NPC. This will change it to green.
    2. Click on the same icon in the desired location below on the list.
    3. This will open a menu
    4. Click on Region Name, it will populate the command /nd locrancher 0 regionname in chat. Type in your region name, ex: myranch after that text (Or your region name) and hit enter
    5. Click on max babies and enter a number. This will be the maximum number of babies that you will allow for this animal in the region.
    6. Click on Max Adults, and enter an amount. This will limit the number of adults that can be in a region. If you do not have slaughter selected, this is semi-useless.

    The NPC should start to interact with your animals now.

    English Tutorial Videos:

    npcdestinations.{editall / editown}.locrancher:
    • Allows users to manage the rancher settings for all or only their own NPCs.
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Recent Reviews

  1. skilledpt
    Version: 1.2
    looks very nice, can u update for 1.13?
    1. Nutty101
      Author's Response
      There is one, kinda. I need to dedicate some time to it, but I have not been home lately. So it's kinda taking a while.