nuNPCDestinations - Rancher Addon 2.3.1

Let me sheer that sheep, or milk that cow for you! (REQUIRES NPCDestinations2.1+)

  1. 1.13 Update

    • Some changes to the code, but overall no fixes are included in this release. This is being released for people wanting it to work with 1.13.
  2. Everyone counts sheep to sleep, no one counts cows or lamas. So I only kept the sheep!

    • ConcurrentException / NullPointer Exceptions
      • This has been resolved, sometimes I write things right before I pass out at the keyboard and this was a result of that. Thanks to @BrooklynStarr and @Swede for asking me about this.
    • The plugin now looks at each type of animal. So you will no longer have it...
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