NuVotifier 2.3.6

A fork of Votifier, with more robust code and vote forwarding

  1. Ichbinjoe
    Source Code:
    Ichbinjoe, former Votifier authors (blakeman8192 and Kramer)
    NuVotifier is a plugin that allows your server to be notified (aka votified) when a vote is made on a Minecraft server top list. NuVotifier is secure, and makes sure that all vote notifications are delivered by authentic top lists.

    Before you request help, please read the guide!

    If you have issues, do not post a review. I do not care about them. Post a Github issue here. has put together some videos explaining how to setup NuVotifier on both a single server, as well as a Bungeecord network.

    Currently, NuVotifier is available for Bukkit, Sponge and BungeeCord. Simply install the single JAR you download on this page.

    • Supports most Votifier listeners and server lists
    • Optional vote forwarding (replaces the functionality of BVotifier, VoteSend and similar plugins)
    • New, more secure protocol (old protocol still supported)
    • More robust networking code (protects against common attacks against Votifier)
    Why fork Votifier?

    Votifier has lagged in activity, has severe security flaws in its protocol, and is vulnerable to denial of service attacks.

    Is NuVotifier a drop-in replacement for Votifier?

    NuVotifier is compatible with all Votifier server lists and most Votifier listeners.

    NuVotifier replaces Votifier and BVotifier. If you use either, please remove them and replace them with NuVotifier.

    Configuring NuVotifier

    NuVotifier will configure itself the first time it is run. If you have an existing Votifier configuration, NuVotifier will use it.

    If you want to customize NuVotifier, simply edit the plugins/(Nu)Votifier/config.yml file.


    In config.yml, you will notice a tokens section. NuVotifier has a new protocol version that requires tokens. The tokens section can be used to easily grant or revoke access to a server list based on the keys it uses. If you're using proxy-based vote forwarding, you'll need this token.

    RSA Keys

    RSA keys for use with the old Votifier protocol are available under the plugins/(Nu)Votifier/rsa directory.

    Developer Resources
    POSTING A REVIEW WILL NOT GET YOU ANY HELP. Post a Github issue here.

Recent Reviews

  1. kirrasio
    Version: 2.3.6
    Thank goodness for this plugin. <33 I don't know what I would do without this plugin other than get some crappy vote forwarder that doesn't really work. Thank you for keeping it updated.
  2. DrOreo002
    Version: 2.3.6-pre
    Good plugin, the one who said its bad.... is just an 12 years old kid that cannot use the plugin lol
  3. CameronMcGehee
    Version: 2.3.6-pre
    This is great, BUT PLEASE GUYS HE SAID NOT TO POST ISSUES IN REVIEWS!!!!! Otherwise its great to have a new votifier plugin that it updated and not still from bukkit protocol.
  4. arthurhenrique
    Version: 2.3.6-pre
    I'm having problems with the votifier this is giving an error when I give a vote on the website to give this 'ERROR [Votifier] Unable to process vote from' sorry I do not speak English: / I used google translate
  5. Knightstemplar
    Version: 2.3.5
    I am having so many issues, and i tried to go to your discord and the invite has expired.
  6. HexedHero
    Version: 2.3.5
    Love it, thanks for basicully updating votifier! Recommend this to any using other listeners and use this one!
  7. FlatoutDude
    Version: 2.3.5
    this plugin is pretty amazing, and really useful, but i have 1 issue, i have read the guide, i'm trying to set up bungee proxy voting, and the "enableExternal: " is missing from my NuVotifier configs on my factions and creative server's, do i need to add it manually or is it located elsewhere? please help me solve this.
  8. MrRapais
    Version: 2.3.5
    The Beast .
  9. LinsaFTW
    Version: 2.3.5
    Best votifier plugin out here , works perfectly without errors :)
  10. _Skizzy
    Version: 2.3.4
    Awesome plugin!

    When I experienced an issue, I hopped onto their Discord server and they were able to help me asap.

    My server is running smoothly and it thank's to NuVotifier!