NuVotifier v2.6.0

Modern Votifier, featuring vote forwarding and support for multiple platforms

  1. v2.5.0

    New Features:

    + ServerFilter is now able to invert the behavior of excludedServers with the whitelist configuration option, turning the previously only blacklist into a whitelist. 4cd2ce5

    + New bulk vote forwarding, which should stabilize forwarding over Bungeecord plugin channels. 590b761, 7134c12, f5776dd

    + Also includes vote cache throttling, so that votes forwarded aren't sent all at the same time. 67117b3

    + The memory cache now respects the vote TTL 9255062


    NuVotifier should now work on Windows platforms - there were issues running NuVotifier on Windows due to how NuVotifier was interacting with filepaths. Thanks @McModknower 9fe98a9, 98dfc34

    Support update:

    + NuVotifier is compatible with the latest Velocity plugin builds. @aesti 92a122e, c72972c
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