NuVotifier v2.6.0

A fork of Votifier, with more robust code and vote forwarding

  1. v2.6.0

    Fixes a problem when specifying an empty server list.

    This will be the last release until 3.0.0.
  2. v2.5.3


    + Fixes an issue where the plugin would not initialize in Sponge 4d52ef4
    + Fixes an issue where a CME could be thrown while sweeping votes e71ff63

    Thanks @astei for the fixes in this version!
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  3. v2.5.2


    + Fixes a packaging issue with Sponge due to mixed google code versions 7d43b73
  4. v2.5.1


    + NuVotifier is more tolerant to whitespace accidentally injected into public and private rsa key files 348dbca

    + NuVotifier offers more debugging information when rsa key loading fails 0fa42b4

    + Fixes a problem with packaging when being used on Thermos b745236

    + Fixes annotation processing within Sponge and Velocity 7522886

    + Fix a formatting issue with the standard bind error 671c6e1

    + NuVotifier now defaults to logging everything it can 99dbaa7

    + Bump Netty version 7d75bce
  5. v2.5.0

    New Features:

    + ServerFilter is now able to invert the behavior of excludedServers with the whitelist configuration option, turning the previously only blacklist into a whitelist. 4cd2ce5

    + New bulk vote forwarding, which should stabilize forwarding over Bungeecord plugin channels. 590b761, 7134c12, f5776dd

    + Also includes vote cache throttling, so that votes forwarded aren't sent all at the same time. 67117b3

    + The memory cache now respects the vote TTL 9255062


  6. v2.4.1

    Fixes a default for Spigot 1.13.1

    Spigot really wants the channel name to be lower case. So lowercase we will make it!
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  7. v2.4.0


    + Add support for the velocity proxy
    + Sponge API7 support
    + Add /nvreload to both bukkit and bungee platforms
    + Add 1.13 Bukkit compliance (we already were, but now we have the code to prove it!)

    Bug Fixes:

    + Fixes an issue where an exception is probably thrown on shutdown on all platforms
    + Fixes the default channel name to include a colon.
    + Fixes a typo in a certain eviction logging message
    + Fix a rare and probably not hit race...
  8. v2.3.7

    • A negative port for bukkit and sponge servers will disable the external NuVotifier port.
    • Migrate to Gradle
    • Migrate to Drone CI
    • Fixes an issue where we used to rely on a direct buffer in sponge, which was removed in 7.0
    • Fixes an issue introduced in 2.3.6 on bungeecord where file caching of votes straight out did not work.
  9. 2.3.6 for real

    The last release had a bad verison number. The only change is correcting the version.
  10. v2.3.6

    git --no-pager log v2.3.5..HEAD
    commit 4277dfd74d5aa8a17e105edb1315876c19a7ea11 (HEAD -> master, tag: v2.3.6, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
    Author: Joseph Hirschfeld <[email protected]>
    Date: Mon Jan 15 22:56:51 2018 -0500

    update to 2.3.6

    commit 28b4d8dcd0923716a582ff54e49cfdd92383fd42
    Author: Joseph Hirschfeld <[email protected]>
    Date: Mon Jan 15 22:48:34 2018 -0500

    Updated for API 7 support

    commit 733204b6b9588eb71471eeef74967b2678613cc2
    Author: DoNotSpamPls...