Nuyube's Sell XP 1.2.4

Exchange XP for money!

  1. Kirbykirby56
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    • 1.16
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    Sell XP is an extremely simple plugin that works out-of-the-box. Out-of-the-jar? I digress.

    There are precisely three permissions: sellxp.view, sellxp.sell, and sellxp.reload.

    Sellxp.view is required to use the /sellxp command at all, whereas sellxp.sell allows users to actually transact their XP for money. To sell your XP, simply use /sellxp confirm (the plugin will let you know to use confirm to sell your xp for each view). To reload the configuration, use /sellxp reload.

    The worth for the XP pool is customizable in the config.yml. It cannot be below 0 - sales are denied if it is.

    Code (YAML):
    #DO NOT change this value - it's used to figure out how to read this config!
    : 1

    #Type of worth function
    # LINEAR: Worth = (coefficient)(level) + (constant)
    # EXPONENTIAL: Worth = level^(coefficient) + (constant)

    : 2
    : 0

    #A user must be at least this level to get the Constant part of the formula (setting to 0 will allow users to spam /sellxp confirm for infinite money)
    : 5

    #A user must be at least this level to sell their XP
    : 1

    When a user sells their XP pool, their XP is reset to 0 (partial levels are discarded.)

    This plugin requires Vault to be present.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Other things that I should have put in this list? Come join my Discord!

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