[O1v1] - Automatic Player vs Player System! 1.1

Automatic | Custom Kits | Multiple Arenas | 99% Flexible

  1. OriMiner
    [O1v1] - Automatic Player vs Player System!
    • Custom kits​
    • Multiple arenas​
    • 99% Flexible​
    • Efficient GUI​
    • Easy to use​

    O1v1 is a 1v1 plugin which has the following features:

    Unlimited Arenas
    You can set these arenas by using the simple command /o1v1 createarena <name>. So for example I would create the first arena named "test" I will do it by using /o1v1 createarena test. Now we need to set the first and the second spawn location, lets do it by using /o1v1 setpos1 <arena>, we did it!, now we need to set the second spot by using /o1v1 setpos2 <arena>. We are almost there! the last command or even the first command we have to do is to set the winner pos location, "our lobby" we will do it by using /o1v1 setlobby, thats it we have our first arena now!

    Match Queues
    This plugin allows match queues by right click the player you would like to invite with our "O1v1 stick" that we will get when we join the server, btw its works with other sticks (I want to do it flexible to combine with other plugins). Now after we invite the player to the fight, he will choose to accept \ deny. If he want to accept he will right click on you with his stick.
    After he will accept you it will open an inventory GUI and than you will choose the fight state, arena (if its not taken), custom armor and sword by right click the armor section in the inventory, after you chose the fight state you will right click the start fight block, its will teleport you and your fight to the arena that you chose, count from 5 and you should have fun :)

    Custom Kit
    After you invite someone you can edit the armor by right click the armor section that you want to customize, for example: if you want an iron helmet you will have to right click the helmet til'l its changes to iron, you can chose the sword, soups and even more.

    /O1v1 - prints the available commands.
    /O1v1 createarena [name] - creates a new arena.
    /O1v1 deletearena [arena] - deletes an arena.
    /O1v1 setpos1 [arena] - set the first positon of the arena.
    /O1v1 setpos2 [arena] - set the second positon of the arena.
    /O1v1 setlobby - sets the winner location spot.
    /O1v1 arenas - prints the available arenas.


    *Im sorry for my english, if there are something unclear \ bugs in the plugin please report as fast as you can, thank you.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Captbubblegum18
    Version: 1.1
    Good plugin, but I am having a problem with the GUI. Whenever a player right clicks another with the O1v1 stick, and accepts a battler, the GUI does not allow player to start the battle... Please help!
  2. Herman21
    Version: 1.1
    Good but I have another world and i get the stick in all worlds pls fix. so like they get a stick in every world(multiverse) i only want them to get it in the arena world any suggestions?
  3. GMJ1
    Version: 1.1
    I dont like the plugin for only one reason, i use multiple worlds... so it gives everyone a stick every time they join. Then when i tried to delete the plugin, but it keeps coming back... HOW DO I FIX THIS?!
  4. DJ_Dennis_NL
    Version: 1.1
    Hi plugin creator.
    I would like to translate the plugin and take out the grammar errors.
    please reply to me.
  5. DrTripple
    Version: 1.1
    Pls Pls Update. . .
  6. Abdulmohsen
    Version: 1.1
    I Like The Plugin But ! the problem is we cant edit the chat or the msg so i hope you fix it the and if you need help i can translate for you but plz add the language file plz plz plait will become full stars but totally i love it
  7. RefuzioN
    Version: 1.1
    very good plugin!
    love it !
    im download in my server !
    and its AWSOME !
    tnx alot !
  8. EckoCraft
    Version: 1.1
    OK, but please please please please please please please please please please please please PLEASE make it so you can do /duel (player name) instead of the stick ;-;
    1. OriMiner
      Author's Response
      Mabye in the future :-)
  9. SayHi2uTube
    Version: 1.1
    Please have an option to duel a player by command instead of only by a stick. Thanks. You could toggle between the stick and command
    1. OriMiner
      Author's Response
      Sure, but why you rated 3 starts? something is wrong?
  10. Leniency
    Version: 1.1
    This plugin is amazing from what i can tell so far, but it is missing one thing. There should be an option to remove the stick and replace it with a command /duel. I am building a prison server and i really want a 1v1 plugin but this plugin wont be compatible with prison as you will need to have a stick and right click on players. Also, if you could add a rewards/bet option it would be amazing.
    1. OriMiner
      Author's Response
      Mabye in the next update, you can create a world for this plugin.
      but ok, I will think about it.