ObjectRenderer(API) 1.01

Displays .obj files as particle effects

  1. darkkir3
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    This plugin acts as API, allowing developers to import .obj files into their plugin and using a fancy effect to display those. This plugin already includes a very simple implementation of a particle renderer, however the work is still in progress. The API is designed to be as simple as possible, allowing you to focus on the rendering, not on the actual display math. Let me show you an example of displaying a skull object to the player:
    Code (Text):
    Player p = (Player)sender;
                File path = new File(this.getDataFolder(), args[0] + ".obj");
                            new BaseMesh(in).build(new PointBufferBuilder().scale(3f)).setBaseLocation(p.getLocation())
                            .setRenderer(new PointRenderer().setParticle(Particle.END_ROD).setCount(1)).render();
    Code (Text):
    mesh.build(new PrimitiveBuilder()).setScale(new Vector(10, 10, 10)).setBaseLocation(p.getLocation())
                                .setRenderer(new BlockRenderer().setMaterial(Material.QUARTZ_BLOCK).setBlocksPerTick(60).setTickDelay(4).setFaceThickness(4f)).render();


    I will add more renderers like an actual rendering api.
    You are freely allowed to decompile and edit this resource to your needs.
    This plugin uses this library to import objects:

    I started to create a wiki for the plugin, feel free to check it:

    /or [particle/block] [file]: Displays a .obj file that is saved in the data folder of the plugin. One needs the permission objectrenderer.use for this

Recent Reviews

  1. Cat1024
    Version: 1.01
    Wow,Can I post it on MCBBS(www.mcbbs.net)?
    I'll sign the author and original resource link.
  2. MiniDigger
    Version: 1.0
    Works as expected, great concept, just look at my teddy http://puu.sh/owSsJ/147eb87fb5.jpg
    "You are freely allowed to decompile and edit this resource to your needs" does that mean you release the code into the public domain? If not what licence applies to the code?
    1. darkkir3
      Author's Response
      Well, i could release it on github (never worked with github before though). You are freely allowed to modify and decompile. I dont know anything about licenses though, might wanna explain me licensing? :p