ObsidianAuctions 4.1.0

Updated unofficial version of floAuction that works with 1.8+ being maintained for ClubObsidian

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    1.7 is no longer supported on new builds
    If you want to use this plugin on 1.7 use this build: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/obsidianauctions.5595/update?update=79510


    This version of floAuction is an updated unofficial version of the auction plugin floAuction found here and the original author is Flobi. The version of floAuction that I am maintaining has been updated to allow it to be used on 1.8 by removing the guava dependencies from the code. Below are the details modified from the original description from the old thread found on Bukkit. This build also fixes the sealed auction bug that is found in v3.0.4 and below in the official floAuction plugin however it is now fixed in the official fork of floAuctions found here.

    • Customization of every message that a player can receive.
    • Options for using localized auctions so auction houses can be created.
    • When an auction is bid on money is removed from a player's account along with the ability to disable auction of damaged and renamed items if you so choose to.
    • Auction queue GUI, you are able to see all auctions that are queued in a GUI.
    • Displays the type of spawner that is being auctioned, enable "allow-mobspawners".
    • Optional item name blacklist, blacklist item display names based on a set of words.
    • Easier language file, all of the replacers are now much more simple.
    • 1.9 support
    • 1.10 support
    • Drag and drop replacement for floAuction
    • Fixed nbt bug with potions and mobeggs
    • Added support for the hotbar with TitleManager
    • /auction - Main auction command do /auction help for more information.
    • /auc - Short for /auction.
    • /sealedauction - Creates a sealed auction where bids are not shown to other players.
    • /sauc - Shortcut for /sealedauction
    • /bid [bid amount] [max bid] - Bidding, all parameters optional.
    • auction.start - Allows creation of auctions.
    • auction.bid - Allows bidding on auctions.
    • auction.admin - Allows admins to cancel auctions along with a variety of other features.
    Setup and Configuration
    This plugin requires Vault and does not require WhatIsIt unlike the original version of floAuction.

    Changelog - Additions added that were not in the original floAuction

    Please note I am not the original developer of floAuction I am just continuing the plugin in good faith since it is licensed under GPLv3. Feel free to make any changes, fork it etc as long as it lands in the confines of the original license. If you want to look at the original fork of floAuctions it can be found here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/floauction/

Recent Reviews

  1. Zahi
    Version: 4.1.0
    For some reason the auction can last for 0 seconds which means for ever and everytime i do /auc s it says "internal error ocurred". Minecraft version 1.7.9.
  2. neilnet
    Version: 4.1.0
  3. Auntex
    Version: 4.1.0
    Please update to 1.12.2.
  4. Momshroom
    Version: 4.1.0
    Really nice plugin that does exactly what it says and helps drive the player economy, with a very helpful and active dev who offers great support. Ty!
  5. GamingWithMax
    Version: 4.1.0
    This is a good plugin but how do i make the command (/auction) only be in a specific world? So people wont do the command in hub (this is a good plugin btw)
    Version: 4.1.0
    I tried it, and it did not show the names of the spawners, Just said "Monster Spawner", how can i fix it? If this was fixed i would rate 5/5.
  7. CMCosMic
    Version: 4.0.2
    Hi, I was wondering how you can change the name of Obsidian Auctions so I can make it look like a part of my server?
  8. Stevethebushman1
    Version: 4.0.2
    Awesome auction plugin. The plugin has incorporated into my server creating opportunities for players to earn money by selling off their junk.
  9. Rogz
    Version: 4.0.2
    Thanks for Uploading alternative of floAuction , but there seems one problem, I can't change enchantments names in "names.yml" to my server language! Can you fix it? Thanks, I am looking forward to your response.
    1. VirusTotal
      Author's Response
      I'll be looking into this. Since all the enums in bukkit are in english I'm not sure exactly to change. Do you mind telling me what language you speak so I can test it in that language?
  10. IEpicDestroyer
    Version: 4.0.2
    Great plugin, been using it for a while. However I found a bug where I can get the items from the auction queue by rapidly clicking on the item and hitting esc to close it. It will give me the item while it still auctions the item. Please fix it!
    1. VirusTotal
      Author's Response
      Are you in creative mode when this occurs? If you are that would be why. Creative mode allows you to bypass pretty much every check in the game even making ghost items into regular items. I have tested what you are saying and the bug that you are experiencing should not happen since all interacting with the gui is disabled.