OceanAntiCheat - 1.8 v1.6

OceanAnticheat is a anticheat that stops hackers and is in beta and will get daily updates

  1. TeamOceanox
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
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    oac.flag - makes players see flags for the anticheat
    oac.bypass - makes you bypass all checks

    Hi. I'm Fizzy the creator of OAC. OceanAnticheat is a anticheat that stops hackers now OAC is in beta so fly and other hacks may not block all hackers but i will be doing daily updates. Thank you

Recent Updates

  1. OceanAntiCheat 1.6
  2. OceanAnticheat 1.5
  3. OceanAnticheat 1.4

Recent Reviews

  1. SquareCode
    Version: v1.6
    Because of the fact that the AntiCheat has been used by some checkups from YouTube, and not 100% self-programmed, some checks are not good or even do not work, there is a bad product description on Spigot, there is only 1 star from me.

    Best regards,

    ~ SquareCode / Felix
    1. TeamOceanox
      Author's Response
      Im sorry to tell you but i have been coding anticheats for 2 years and this anticheat has been coded by me 100% no youtube checkups or what ever you are saying
  2. TreesWorld_LP
    Version: v1.6
    The Anticheat isn't that good but it's still in Beta, when you find a Bug the Dev fixes very quickly
  3. ExclusiveHacker
    Version: v1.5
    Good update on the anticheat. you did approve it a bit. But all i must say is it's actually the best anticheat i ever seen.
  4. onEnabledChan
    Version: v1.5
    Is obfuscating the main class really allowed? And allatori can be deobfuscated easily.

    The badpackets check is to simple. Tick skipping can bypass.

    Your Inventory move check can easily be bypassed..
    1. TeamOceanox
      Author's Response
      my Timer check does not work yet im working on it.
  5. StaPlerLP
    Version: 1.4
    Not really good, newest LiquidBounce AAC Settings mostly bypass (Tested on the Test Server, which is also not that good)
    1. TeamOceanox
      Author's Response
      Fly and Speed Checks are in beta
  6. ExclusiveHacker
    Version: 1.3
    Best Anticheat. You actually did great work. You put all your skills on it. The more advanced it gets, the better the anticheat gets.

    Rating: 100.00%

    Bugs: only a few bugs but that will be fixed very fast with no problems.

    Checks: The Checks on the anticheat is pretty good. it patched almost every hack on my server.

    Requests: Add a few features soon, like killaura and configurable messages and checks.

    1. TeamOceanox
      Author's Response
      Thank you
  7. HugoyMC360PVP
    Version: 1.1
    Could I have the src? to this amazing plugin! Thanks alot if it is possible! or a GitHub
    1. TeamOceanox
      Author's Response
      Thank you for 5 stars. Your Amazing but i cant send you src.