OcelaHelp 2.0

Give a custom look to your server help screen.

  1. SleepyDog
    Welcome to Ocela Help, everything you need to know is listed below!

    What does it do?
    OcelaHelp is a fully customizable help page plugin that allows servers to create unlimited pages for their users. This lets you create staff help pages and donor pages that can contain anything. Each page has it's own permission so you don't have to worry about people see pages you dont want them to.

    I created this plugin for my test server to hide the help pages made by bukkit/essentials as they show thousends of commands and are rarely relevent for users.

    This plugin allows for a home page which is shown when you type the command /help. This can display all of your sub-pages. Subpages are extra help pages that you create in the config. This can be anything from /help 1, /help 2 to /help staff or /help donate.

    Pages don't have be just help pages. As all of the pages are changeable in the config you can use them for announcements or anything else. Just make a page and edit what is does.

    You can also edit, create and delete pages via commands so you don't have to mess around with the config.


    • Fully customizable.
    • No complicated ingame commands.
    • No colours are set. You can edit them all.
    • Can fit any servers theme.
    • No in-game advertising. (Alot of plugins have commands that show the author and such.)
    • Unique, this plugins is one of a kind.
    • Custom commands. You can have unlimited menus with their own sub-command (/help [Page])
    • Will work with every version of minecarft! I've only used the main functions that come with bukkit, spigot, ect.. This means it will never need updating.
    • You choose what commands are shown, no more 100 page help menus that show useless commands.
    • Per page permissions. You can make pages that are for donors or staff only. (/help elite or /help mods would use the permissions help.elite and help.mods)
    • All pages are editable in-game!
    OcelaHelp is a plugin that allows for unlimited help pages to be made.

    Remember: Every line of text that this plugin outputs is editable. This means this plugin will suit any server theme and will look like a custom built plugin!


    Player Commands
    • /help
    • /help [page]
    Admin Commands
    • /helpmenu
    • /helpmenu add <page>
    • /helpmenu remove <page>
    • /helpmenu edit <page> <line> <content>

    Help Page Permissions

    The permissions for OcelaHelp is 'help' followed by the page name. For example if you have a page called 'apply' the permission is 'help.apply'.

    The main help page is called help, so the permission for the help command is 'help.help'

    • /help - help.help
    • /help apply - help.apply
    • /help example - help.example
    • /help 2 - help.2
    Admin Permissions

    The only admin permission is 'OcelaHelp.admin'. This will grant access to all of the /helpmenu commands. This includes editing, deleting and creating pages.



    To add pages simple copy the default code and change the relevent information.
    The default page in the config looks like this.
    '1': '&8&m====================================================='
    '2': '&a&l Help > Example'
    '3': '&3/spawn &7- Go to the server spawn.'
    '4': '&3/spawn &7- Go to the server spawn.'
    '5': '&3/spawn &7- Go to the server spawn.'
    '6': '&3/spawn &7- Go to the server spawn.'
    '7': '&3/spawn &7- Go to the server spawn.'
    '8': '&3/spawn &7- Go to the server spawn.'
    '9': '&3/spawn &7- Go to the server spawn.'
    '10': '&3/spawn &7- Go to the server spawn.'
    '11': '&8&m====================================================='
    create a new page paste this code to the bottom of the config and
    change 'Example' to the page name. The page name cannot contain spaces
    or symbols.

    When you have added a page give your self the permission for the page. Save the config and reload the server.

    There must be a page called 'Help' as this is the default page shown
    when the command /help is run, Each page must have a unique name.

    You can add up to 20 lines to each page. To add more just copy the current lines changing the numbers to fit the pattern.

    The numbers do not have to be in order but they will be displayed in order.

    For example; if the pattern is 1, 2, 3, 5, 4 it will still display line 4 before line 5.

    To add pages within the game you must firstly have the permission 'OcelaHelp.admin'. This will allow you to use the /helpmenu command.

    When you have permission you can use the following command:

    /helpmenu add <page> - This creates the page with the given name. Remember this name will be used for the permission, command and the id used for editing/removing commands.


    To remove a page via the config, find the page you want to remove.
    Then select all of the indented content. (I reccomend you use NotePad++ or another advanced notepad for editing.)
    When you have the entire page selected delete it.
    Save the file and reload the server.

    To delete pages you must have the permission OcelaHelp.admin, when you have permission use the command /helpmenu remove <page>.
    This will delete the page from the config.
    Remember you cannot get a deleted page back to make sure you have a backup of the config.

    The <page> is the sub-command used to view the command.
    For example the page /help example is called example so you will use /helpmenu remove example to delete the page.


    Find the page that you want to edit and change the content.

    For example:

    '1': 'This is the old content'

    '1': 'This is the new content.'

    It's as simple as that!

    You must have the permission 'OcelaHelp.admin'.
    When you have permission type /helpmenu edit <page> <line> <new conent>.
    Remember that the line numbers include the top and bottom breaks.
    This means to edit the title of main help page type:
    '/helpmenu edit help 2 &aThis is a new title'


    If you liked the plugin you can support me by checking out the PMC version of the plugin and subscribing to my PMC account. Thank you.

    Go to PMC


    The mentod of help for the spigot version is not set up yet. Please message me if you have any problems.

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    Version: 2.0
    Very good plugin!
    Please update it for 1.15.2
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    I love your work man!