"Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8] 3.1

lol gg to all other scripts

  1. v2.9 - The Buffet Update Again - Bug Fixes, /2fa is back, /ignore, Bug Reports!

    *NEW DEPEND* skLib
    Removed some debug messages
    Fixed a bug with /prefs where regular players could not use it
    Made the back button in /prefs grey
    Fixed a bug where Carl made more of himself
    Added /track
    Added display titles
    Updated Carl GUI
    Updated Poll GUI
    Re-Added /2fa
    2fa now needs google auth
    Fixed news titles glitches
    Server name in the config now supports lowercase
    Changed default server-name to lowercase
    Added /powerplay
    Fixed spelling in tab list
    Fixed a bug where SQL rows would not regenerate when deleted
    Fixed a bug where the report number was not set
    Converted /report into functions
    Fixed a bug where you could report yourself
    Fixed some spelling errors
    Updated /mcr
    Converted /news into functions
    Added SQL Support for news
    Fixed /prefs error
    Fixed /givetreasure
    Added /bugreport
    Added Bug Reporting
    Removed GWEN Forcefield Check
    Made GWEN ban message custom​
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