"Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8] 3.1

lol gg to all other scripts

  1. v3.1 - New Phone Who Dis Update - Scrolling Scoreboard, Bensku Fork, and More!

    Switch to bensku's skript fork
    Added New Help Message/Commands
    Update Report GUI
    Update Disguise Messages
    Fix NPE with /rank
    Revamp /mcr
    Added Scrolling Scoreboard
    Added Better Carl Spinner
    Fixed bug with prefs
    Add Firework API for internal use
    Fixed Scoreboard Flicker

    Test Server:
    Test the new update at:
    (Sponsored by Apex MC Hosting)
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  2. v3.0 - The Forgotten Update - Convert to /rank, /give Enchantments, More Titles!

    Changed all permission messages
    Update the wrapper for the bug report system
    Add enchantments to give command
    Fixed bug with /ma command
    Merged /updaterank and /testrank into /rank
    Removed debug command
    Added more titles.​
  3. Download Link Fix

    Download Link Fix - Sorry for this update. 3.0 is Soon
  4. v2.9 - The Buffet Update Again - Bug Fixes, /2fa is back, /ignore, Bug Reports!

    *NEW DEPEND* skLib
    Removed some debug messages
    Fixed a bug with /prefs where regular players could not use it
    Made the back button in /prefs grey
    Fixed a bug where Carl made more of himself
    Added /track
    Added display titles
    Updated Carl GUI
    Updated Poll GUI
    Re-Added /2fa
    2fa now needs google auth
    Fixed news titles glitches
    Server name in the config now supports lowercase
    Changed default server-name to lowercase
  5. v2.8 - The Buffet Update - Playerdata Fixes, Rank Updates, /ignore, Bug Fixes

    Added hover message to Mapper
    Added updated hover message to Builder
    Made /gm Maplead+
    Fixed bugs with playerdata not setting for offline players
    Fixed bugs with /disguise not being able to run it's checks
    Fixed a bug where giving all players an item would not work
    Fixed a bug where console spammed on leave
    Added Event Rank
    Added '\' to the disguise name filter
    Changed /debugapi to /api
    Made titles not fade when...​
  6. v2.7 - The SQL Update - SQL, Bug Fixes, Report Updates

    Removed Bhop from GWEN
    Fixed Artist Rank Permissions
    Fixed MapLead caps
    Fixed carl's message
    Fixed a message with /thank
    Fixed an issue with treasure resetting
    Fixed a bug where /gwenban would not ban the player :3
    Fixed a bug where /thank would give the player x2 shards
    Made only admin+ be able to toggle other's gamemodes
    Fixed a bug where you could use negitive numbers for levels
    Fixed a bug where /gem would use...​
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  7. v2.6 - The Optimization Update 2/3 - GWEN Improvements, Playerdata Fixes, Stats Fixes, and more!

    Added a better version of /mineplex-core
    Made the treasure system load faster
    Fixed a bunch of bugs with playerdata, mostly shards and gems
    Updated Carl GUI
    Fixed /time lol
    Fixed /stats not working for other players
    Fixed time in game not showing in /stats
    Added a block for /a and /message when someone is muted
    Fixed a bug where removed...​
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  8. v2.5 - The Optimization Update! - PlayerData files, Better Treasure, Cosmetics Alpha, Stats

    **Ranks Resetting**
    Removed /dailyr (Forgot about it)
    Added full treasure GUI
    Added way to open 4 chests
    Added exploding sound to carl
    Added cosmetics ALPHA
    Added /givetreasure
    Fixed Permission misspelling
    Fixed a space after players name in above head
    Added better-ish filter
    Added /givestat
    Removed /updatelevel
    Converted punish into...​
  9. v2.4 - The Redemption Update - New Carl, Polls, JSON, Teleport Additions, and More.

    Changed Carl rewards to &e colour code
    Added /ticket
    Added Carl Spinner tickets
    Fixed a bug where /admin would not show the proper rank displayed
    Renamed Media rank to Artist
    Fixed a bug where C.Mod and Sr.Mod would not get capped correctly
    Made carl tell you if you can claim your daily reward
    Optimised the f**k out of Carl
    Added animation to carl every 2 minutes
    Added /animation
    Added /poll
    Added Carl Polls!
  10. v2.3 - Have fun with friends and see their punish history!

    Got a big update for you guys! So let's get right into this changelog!
    Fixed a bug where chests were only taking away 1000 shards for all chests
    Fixed a warn bug
    Entire Punish GUI - Full History - IT IS 1:1 with Mineplex
    Improved the amount of time it takes to reload the skript when using /recompile
    Added ranks in the nametags above player heads
    Added doublejump config value
    Added /incognito for...​