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  1. nikosgram13
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    • 1.14
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    Oglofus Protection
    The Oglofus Protection project is a free, open-source, plugin for the Spigot/Bukkit and Sponge APIs that has written in Java.

    This plugin allows the players to place a special block that protects a specifical area around the block and protects this area from griefing, like PreciousStones!

    How does it work?
    Is really simple. When a player placed a protection block, the plugin creates a WorldGuard region and gives owner access on into the player. If the owner of the region breaks the protection block, the plugin destroys the WorldGuard region and gives the protection block back to the owner.

    Can I help to the development of it?
    Go ahead and try:

    $ git clone https://github.com/Oglofus/Protection.git

    What are the commands?
    You can read more about the command on the Commands page.

    Can I use it on my Minecraft server?
    Of course, you can. First all you have to check your server's Minecraft version.

    The Oglofus Protections supported from Spigot 1.14.3. Also, you must have the version 7.0.1-SNAPSHOT of WorldGuard installed on the plugin list.

    > For every version of Oglofus Protection, the requirements are different. It would be good to check the description of the version before download it.

    Check the following list for all the requirements.

    How can I download it?
    You can find any of the version on the spigot website, just click on the following link. https://github.com/Oglofus/Protection/releases

    To be sure that you understand the new config schema, the pathname 'use' is the flag's name, the group element is the targeted region group, that is optional, and the value element is the value of the targeted flag. The permission element still the same as before.

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Recent Reviews

  1. XtrmePlaya
    Honestly love this plugin. I have been looking for a plugin like this for a long time and finally found one just about exactly how i imiganed it. Thank you!

    I have some ideas i put in the discussion tab.
  2. Espinete87
    Maybe is working good but for me is not.
    I want to be able to put the protection stones inside a region with flags.
    And i cant do that becouse it say "SORRY IS A REGION NEAR TO YOU"
    And you cant do anything, not bypass not op no nothing... so useless for me.
    i have tried: Protection Stones, Land Claim, Oglofus Protection, and now i go to try another plugin... but not many options left... :(
  3. Rodrigo9707
    Version: 2.0.4
    Great plugin! I am using this for my server. It would be great if you add an option to change the messages