OITC | Multi Arena | 1.8.3 - 1.14.x |

Inspired by the Call of Duty game. Fun and simple!

  1. IIMrRamII
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Untitled design (2).jpg Inspired by the Call Of Duty game. OITC is a simple game and fun too!
    You will spawn in a random location with a sword, bow and one arrow.
    An arrow will kill an enemy instantly so make it count!.
    Once you kill someone you will receive an arrow.
    Be careful! Look out for your lives count!.

    Please follow me on spigot it means a lot to me and it will support me :)

    Untitled design (1).jpg
    • Easy to setup
      • Creating an arena is so easy and straight forward.
      • If you had any problems please contact me in spigot.
    • Unlimited arenas
      • You can create arenas as many as you wish!.
      • BungeeCord feature is not supported yet!.
    • Stats
      • There are 7 stats (Points, Deaths, Arrow Fired, Arrow Hit, Kills, Games Played, Victories).
      • MySQL is not implemented yet. We should expect a MySQL update really soon! Stay tuned.
    • Achievements System
      • There are 4 achievements right now. I will implement more in the future.
      • You can send me your suggestions for achievements.
    • Spectator system
      • After you get eliminated from the game, you will be a spectator. You can use spectator's items to teleport to alive players or to leave the game.
    • Files
      • There are currently 4 files.
      1. config.yml
      2. messages.yml
      3. Datas.yml
      4. arenas.yml
    • In Game Messages
      • There are currently 2 kinds of in game messages.
      1. ActionBar
      2. Title
      3. BossBar (PLANNED)
    • Scoreboard system
      • There are 2 kinds of scoreboards.
      1. Lobby
      2. In Game
    • Rewards
      • Vault compatibility is supported!.
      • You can edit values in config.yml.
    • Lives system
      • You can set certain lives for a certain arena.
      • After you run out of lives you will get eliminated.
    • Items
      • Lobby.
        • Rules
        • Achievements
        • Leave the Game
        • TRAILS (PLANNED)
        • VOTE MAP (PLANNED)
      • In Game.
        • Sword
        • Bow
        • Arrow
      • Spectator.
        • Teleporter Compass
        • Leave The Game
    • Signs
      • You can use signs to join an arena!.
      • Format:
        • oitc
        • <arena>
    • Locations
      • In Game.
        • Player spawns
        • Spectator location
      • Lobby.
        • Waiting location
      • You can set a location after the game ends using /oitc setgloballobby
    • Permission
      • oitc.admin
        • Use this permission to access to oitc admin commands.
    Untitled design.png
    • OITC Player commands
      • /oitc join <arena> | To join a specific arena.
      • /oitc leave | To leave an arena you currently in!.
    • OITC Admin commands
      • /oitc join <arena> | To join a specific arena!.
      • /oitc leave | To leave an arena you currently in!.
      • /oitc create <arena> <max> | To create an arena.
      • /oitc remove <arena> | To delete an arena.
      • /oitc list <arena> | To show all arenas created.
      • /oitc addspec <arena> | To add spectator location.
      • /oitc reloadConfig | To reload plugin's files.
      • /oitc addspawn <arena> | To add player spawns .
        /oitc setgloballobby | To set lobby after game ends.
      • /oitc setlobby <arena> | To set waiting lobby .
        /oitc start <arena> | To force start an arena.
      • /oitc stop <arena> | To force stop an arena.
      • /oitc setmin <arena> <min> | To set min players for an arena.
      • /oitc setmax <arena> <max> | To set max players for an arena.
      • /oitc setlives <arena> <lives> | To set lives for an arena.
    Untitled design (1).png
    • Creating an arena in OITC is so easy and simple.
    • You need to use these commands below to how to setup an arena.
      • /oitc create <arena> <max>
        • This command creates to create an arena.
        • <max> = How many max players allowed in that arena
        • <arena> = Name of the arena.
        • For example: /oitc create Hello 4
      • /oitc setlobby <arena>
        • This command creates a location for players after joining an arena.
        • <arena> = Name of the arena.
        • For example: /oitc setlobby Hello
      • /oitc addspec <arena>
        • This command creates a location for players after getting eliminated.
        • <arena> = Name of the arena.
        • For example: /oitc addspec Hello
      • /oitc addspawn <arena>
        • This command creates a location for players after the game started.
        • You can create as many as you wish!.
        • <arena> = Name of the arena.
        • For example: /oitc addspawn Hello
      • /oitc setgloballobby
        • This command creates a location for players after the game ended.
    • And That's it. But you maybe wondering what about max,min,lives and countdown? It is okay if you don't type them, you can edit them as you wish using these commands.
      • /oitc setmin <arena> <min>
        • This command changes the min players for an arena to start
        • <arena> = Name of the arena.
        • <min> = Type the number you want.
        • For example: /oitc setmin Hello 3
      • /oitc setmax <arena> <max>
        • This command changes the max players for an arena
        • <arena> = Name of the arena.
        • <max> = Type the number you want.
        • For Example: /oitc setmax Hello 7
      • /oitc setlives <arena> <lives>
        • This command changes the lives for players for an arena
        • <arena> = Name of the arena.
        • <lives> = Type the number you want.
      • /oitc setcountdown <arena> <countdown>
        • This command changes the countdown timer for an arena
        • <arena> = Name of the arena.
        • <countdown> = Put the number you want.
        • For Example: /oitc setcountdown Hello 30
      • And Here it is. You just did an arena!.


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  1. owningz2
    Version: 5.4.0
    I'm sorry but I can't understand how to use signs to join a player can you help me ? Thanks in Advance!
  2. AbsorbYT
    Version: 5.4.0
    please help i joined a game of oitc and i couldnt leave i tried to restart my game and restart my server but it hasnt fixed i also cant build because of it
  3. SeptyYTB
    Version: 5.4.0
    WOW, This OITC plugin is amazing, okay I have some suggestions, like 1 arrow shot , 10 arrow shots, 100,

    After that DEATH achivements :)

    Anyways, that's it for now.
  4. jordanpordan
    Version: 5.4.0
    Does not work on 1.14.2 but still a great plugin. [On start nobody is given the starter sword and bow.]
    1. IIMrRamII
      Author's Response
      I am pretty sure it works on 1.14.2 because I tested it

      Could you check your DMs?

      And please the next time don't use reviews as a way to report bugs!.
  5. RDT-DevTeam
    Version: 5.4.0
    Good plugin from a good developer.
    keep up dude.
    welcome back!..................
    1. IIMrRamII
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the plugin
  6. KingStation
    Version: 5.3.8
    Welcome back my friend !!i'm so happy because you are back the update is amazing please keep going update this legend plugin man you are awesome !!!
    1. IIMrRamII
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for putting 5 stars..

      I hope you enjoy the plugin.
  7. MilkLegend
    Version: 5.3.7
    So far so good, but 1 problem, when I put a brand new sign down and join the game, it works fine until I right click the item that says "Back To Lobby" and I right click the sign again but it takes me towards the Global Lobby, it works again when I destroy the sign and make the game sign again.
    1. IIMrRamII
      Author's Response
      Please check the new update :)
  8. Blackarch
    Version: 5.3.6
    Based on the other reviews of this plugin and how it works so far it's very good! But I'm running into one problem when I join the game the grace period starts and counts down to 1, from then, I never get my bow & Sword. Any help would be appreciated.
    1. IIMrRamII
  9. KingStation
    Version: 5.3.6
    Best Plugin OITC ever !
    Legendary Plugin Keep going
    My Brother <3333
    1. IIMrRamII
      Author's Response
      Thanks <3
  10. zachrocks22
    Version: 5.3.4
    Amazing! I am ecstatic, this plugin (as expected) meets and even surpasses my expectations. This author like most, takes follows his own pace, however, the outcome of waiting is truly amazing!

    In a nutshell: Amazing! :)
    1. IIMrRamII
      Author's Response
      Thank you <3