Old-PandaChat version 5.5

Are you fed up of annoying players, well PandaChat is you awnser

  1. JackTehPanda15
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9

    This plugin currently does not work and i dont have the time to fix it :/ I will fix this ASAP!

    A very simple and lightweight swear filter that you can easily cusomize!
    - Custom messages!
    - Stops words/symbols and commands from being said/executed!
    - Extremely customizable!

    /pandachat - This will list all panda chat commands
    /preload - This will reload config.
    /pclist - This will list all the blocked symbols
    /plist - This will list all the blocked words
    /pbroadcast - Lets you broadcast messages
    /pchatclear - Allows you to clear the chat
    /pnick <player> lets you give nicknames
    /pkick <player> <reason> - Lets you kick players
    /pignore - Lets you ignore players
    /pwarn - Allows you to warn players.

    pandachat.help - /pandachat
    pandachat.reload - /preload
    pandachat.clist - /pclist
    pandachat.list - /plist
    pandachat.chatclear - /pchatclear
    pandachat.broadcast - /pbroadcast
    pandachat.nick - /pnick <player> <nickname>(you can user colorcodes)
    pandachat.kick - /pkick <player> <reason>
    pandachat.ignore - /pignore <player>
    pandachat.warn - /pwarn
    pandachat.color - lets you use color codes in chat (&)
    pandabypass.word - bypasses swear filter
    pandabypass.sym - bypasses symbol filter
    pandabypass.cmd - bypasses console only filter



    None Known

    - /chat on/off (This will come in next update!)

Recent Updates

  1. Now Works!
  2. Now 1.9
  3. added /ping

Recent Reviews

  1. brooky1010
    Version: version 1.0
    This is too easy to post on the forums. I think it needs alot more features, like my plugin. I could edit my star rating if you add alot of features but I think this is just copied from a video.
    1. JackTehPanda15
      Author's Response
      thank you for your review and yes i will be adding alot more fetures in the nexted update which will come out either today or tomorrow